Attaching ropes to things

Perhaphs the ability to tie a rope to a stone pillar or a fence post or structures with tags on them that let you tie things to them, and then you can make a grab action on the pillar with rope attached to drag rope with you till you reach the limit of the rope.

:stuck_out_tongue: and the ability to attach the rope that is attached to a pillar to another pillar tag in order to make somewhat of a large tripwire… albeit obvious

What’s the use of this? We already have shotgun traps with tripwire string attached to the trigger.

attatch vehicles with ropes, tread through swamp safer holding onto a rope, tightroaps.

have a red steel moment by attatching a rope to a vehicle and a zombie and dragging it about

atach a rope to 2 little tress to use as a slingshot for my mininuke…