Medium sized pile of new item ideas

Title says it all, feel free to disregard/add to/implement/flame me to death about them
Melee/throwing Weapons
Ball and Chain, weld a lump of steel to a chain and presto, for more punch, weld nails to the lump
Poleaxe, axe and an extra bit of pole, maybe a knife on the end as a spike
Mace, bit of steel, wooden handle = decent zombie basher, again, add nails for more nasty
Targe, shield with a nice big spike on it for both blocking and poking
Riot shield, crap at offense, great defense though
Boot spikes/climbing spikes, for kicking stuff really hard.
Ice axe, small, light and has a nice big pointy bit
Javelin, the spears you throw at stuff
Garden shovel, those waist high ones that could work just like a battle axe if you felt so inclined
Crowbar, not the small door opening ones like we have now, but the 7ft long steel things you use to break rocks
Mash hammer, size up from a regular hammer, size down from a sledge
Demo Saw, like a cross between and angle grinder and a chainsaw, used to cut up concrete/cars/etc
Bocce balls, solid steel balls bout the size of your fist, if I wanted to throw stuff to crush skulls, they would be high on my list
Half/full bricks

Dried meat, my bro makes this, its actually pretty easy, just takes a while to dry
Hooch, rotten fruit + water + sugar = prison fighting juice
Both marijuana and opium can be dissolved in spirits and still keep their effects
Dried fruit, cause im sick of watching the stuff rot.
Pickling, pile of salt in a jar with some water and whatever you want to preserve
Chillies + water = homemade mace, great animal repellant
Scent masker, probably ammonia and a few other things
Animal bait, for carnivores and herbivores

Food drier
Cattle prod
Boom Box, for attracting zombies
Motion detector, slap and alarm on it to wake you up if nastys come while you sleep
Deodorizer, for scent masking
Electric fence unit, for making fences electric (yes, they can run on normal batteries)

Pit with metal spikes, cause im sick of having to fix the old ones
Rockfall, on a door, inside, or make a door like structure outside then kite big fish through it
Caltrops, throwable pointy ground
Leg trap, bit like a spiked pit, but all the sticks are in the wall, pointing down at an angle, leg goes in, doesnt come out
Homemade claymores/the brought kind, directional explosives FTW, you could also homemake napalm claymores
Razor wire, havent seen it in yet, if we have wire, we should be able to strap blades to it
Home made mines
Bouncing betties
Snares, made from wire and anchored properly, I think they would work well against zombies

Guns and the like
Sling, few bits of leather and some string and you can make a nifty silent weapon that shoots rocks, or lead balls for more punch
Underslung crossbow, I think it may already be in, but unfindable, itd be handy
Self lighting molli, chlorine will ignite alot of stuff if you drop it in, including petrol
Timed fire bomb, cause fire is cool
Flamethrower, ive seen a few hillbilly flamethrowers, basically a pump, firesource, diesel and petrol mix and some nutter to wield it
Homebrew cannons. Heavy pipe+gunpowder+glass/rocks/lead/metal = giants shotgun
10/20 gauge/.410/magnum shotguns Variety is the spice of life
Slingshot, the nasty sporting ones with arm braces and the like

Its late, ill probably add more at a later date.

The .44 Magnum Desert Eagle only has an 8-round magazine, but the game lists it as holding 10 rounds in a magazine.

10/20 gauge/.410/magnum shotguns Variety is the spice of life
I think there's only one type of shotgun shell in the game to keep everything simple... Imagine using a 10-gauge shotgun, and all you're finding is 12-/20-gauge shells... Or having a crapload of 12-gauge shotgun shells at your base, but only finding 10-/20-gauge shotguns... That would be irritating.

I might actually add a bunch of these. Thanks for the list.

Round 2.

Lead weighted pipe, old streetfighing favorite, take a bit of pipe, fill it with lead, capable of massive damage, heavy though
Scythe, not really practical, but damn cool
Chainsaw bar machete/pike/halberd, we made these when I was a kid, turns out, a chainsaw bar (bit the chain moves around on) hold and edge rather well, you need and angle grinder to put it on, but these can be damn scary
Home made sword, there have been sharktooth and obsidian variations of this in history, take 2 thin boards, pin them together with lots of blades between like a knife sandwich, sort of a cross between a sword and a club.
Broken bottle, the drunks best friend
Trench spade, famous in WW1 for being crap for digging with, great for hitting people in the neck with
Dulo-dulo, interesting filipino martial arts weapon, basically a hard stick/metal rod a bit wider than your hand you hold in your fist, bluntish spikes/metal studs hang out each side of your hand when your fist is closed around it, basically a ‘force multiplier’ for the martial artist trained barehanded fighting.
Metal pole with nails, basically an upgrade on the standard nail board/bat
Crows beak, pole with a heavy knife/sword blade on top pointing out at a 90 degree angle to the pole, for wanging those that doth offend the on the bonce

More arrows. As well as flint and obsidian, you can knap arrowheads from normal household glass, (you will cut crap out of yourself till you get it worked out though), try it at home kiddies.
Fire arrows, exploding arrows, bodkins for armor, broadheads for flesh and bullet tipped arrows that fire on impact (fairly un PC, ive seen them used to hunt pigs though), dont try that at home kiddies.
Blunderbluss, as long as you could get gunpowder, you could load it with rocks, lead, broken glass, nails, false teeth, whatevs. Pre manufacture the rounds in packets that contain powder, wadding and shot, then single shot reload.
Sawn off rifles. Big guns dont need to be if you arent worried about long range accuracy
Scopes. Up the accuracy and recoil to make you spend more time setting up that next well aimed shot.
Red dot sights
Reflex sights
Bigger silencers. Require more skill and stuff to make, alot bulkier too.

Circular saw, good for woodworking, probably pretty nasty against flesh too, bit noisy though
Blowtorch, for lighting fires, cutting up cars/doors/people who mock me
Bag o’ lime, I currently spend alot of time and xp dragging zombie corpses out of pits and butchering/burning them to stop reanimating, be nice to be able to just throw a handful of lime/acid on them and know its sorted.

Beer. Why has it taken this long?
Acid, 6 hours of high morale, 6 hours of tripping balls, 1 day of brain functioning at 50%
Stu, 1 meat, 1 water, 1 veggie
Spiced food, take your basic recipes, add chilli or whatevs, little bit more morale, just because its the apocalypse, doesnt mean you cant enjoy the finer things in life.
Wine. See beer.

Wheelbarrow, carry stuff at walking speed
Fishing rod, for getting fish, uses survival skill, takes a long time
Water purification tablets
Forklift, 2 large spikes on the front and a back end that is pretty much solid metal, good for driving through walls/pretending to be busy on when the boss is watching
Harvester, come pre equipped with giant rotating blades on the front. If the zombie apocalypse ever did happen, I think these would figure highly in saving mankind. Also, rather lolworthy.

Annnnd im spent.

More when the brain reengages, feel free to add whatever you want, remember, this isnt stuff I demand/require be put in, its more just a brainstorm of possible stuff for the devs to do whatever they want with.

Round 3.

Knuckle dusters, spiked and good old lump of steel flavors
Wolverine gloves, leather gloves with knives on
Sappers, Gloves with lead shot sewn in
Blackjack, Small bashing weapon that packs a punch
Quarter staff
Ebook reader with random books, takes batteries
Archery book
Steelcapped sneakers (they exist!)
Multiple backpack sizes, running bag, Bergen, Hiking packs
contact lenses for the short sighted
Dirt biking armor, Chest/shoulder armor, elbow/forearm pads, kneeshin guards, kevlar jackets and pants, Draggin jeans (trademarked) jeans with kevlar in the weave for riding, unrippable
Open faced motorbike helmet, no mouth protection/encumbrance
Moonshine, for getting blind drunk
minicrossbows, so I can get all mad max while biking through the streets.
Cheese, lifes not worth living without cheese.
Bigger mollis
Ninja stars
Throwing axes
Lawn darts
Golf clubs
Training dummies/punching bags, for training melee
Poolball inna sock, another old favorite
Party lifestyle bionic, can remove the need to sleep with power, remove chance of addictions, amplify good feelings of drugs
small explosives for opening doors
Salami, keeps for a long time, damn tasty
Chainsaw pants, unrippable, bit padded.
Ability to Dumdum some bullets
Metal butt plate mod for guns, to increase bashing damage
Rabbit traps (less powerful bear trap)
Clothes with pads/plates/kevlar/leather sewn in for more protection
Fireproof suits
Icepick, small but pokey
Zippos and lighter fluid

Many of those seem a bit too trivial or very similar to already existing items.

Yeah, as I say, its more of an idea dump than a wishlist of what I want in the game, if there are a half dozen good ones in the pile, i figure its worth it.

I recall a long time ago that folks wanted more UPS powered stuff for military but couldn’t think of any. I got a few.

Army tactical helmet:
An army helmet with a built in GUI that can be swung down to cover an eye. When powered by UPS it displays a rangefinder, windspeed, and other tactical information, significantly increasing the user’s accuracy with firearms, similar to the bionic. If feasible (and eventually useful) it could also be activated while powered to pick up radio signals.

Powered suits:
Various kinds of powered suits, that drain from a UPS. Suits that provide warmth, olfactory blocking, aquatic capability, or crude stealth camo that reduces the range in which the user can be seen. These would probably be pretty cumbersome and not very well armored.

The Iron Man:
Another kind of powered suit, this one however focuses on protection. The suit weighs a ton, as much as a slab of steel plating. But it provides ungodly amounts of protection, even when unpowered. When powered the suit loses most of it’s encumbrance penalty, and powered hydraulics take most of the weight.

Stability Gauntlets:
A powered gauntlet system extending from the hands to the shoulders that nearly eliminate recoil and steady aim. When powered these cut recoil by 3/4ths increase accuracy by 5 and eliminate the dexterity loss from the jittery trait.

Powered Boots:
A mechanical augmentation system worn over the legs and feet. When powered small but powerful jets activate based on the user’s movement, increasing speed and jumping ability. It increases speed over open terrain by 10% and temporarily grants the effects of the parkour trait. As a bonus it also prevents any kind of falling damage (like the bird wings mutation).

car door shield :smiley:
Riot shield
pressure cooker bomb trap or just bomb
Chair legs (blunt starting weapon)
Undead bait (mixed with acid or poison >:D)
Chem cocktail (mixture of drugs)
Adrenaline shot
Band-aid or medical plasters
Insecticide spray bottle bomb
Fishing rod (blunt weapon as well as tool for getting small objects out of hard to get places perhaps)
Couch (decoration as well can sleep on)

Say, are you another Morgan?