[Solved-NPCs are Evil] Reliable crash from save (Win7x64)

I seem to keep crashing from this certain point in my save, whenever I go and proceed with reading Self Esteem for Dummies in my inventory (or the one that got duped from the crash on the counter next to me)
Always crashes on the third reading session.
Haven’t seen any bugs relating to reading, so I assume that this issue will persist in the newest builds.

link to zip of save folder: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nbh0ddcm5iozwkh/save.zip (E: Removed, Solved)
(reminder: this is from the 5Jan bugfix version)

Hrm. Seems to be your NPC doing something bad, blowing his head up and waiting resulted in no crash.

Indeed… odd. alright, thanks.
Never did like NPCs as they have been. More justification to that I suppose.


Not a problem, it’s regrettable that NPCs are so buggy.

NPCs should randomly have their heads exploded if they attempt to: Pick up that Mininuke (active), Pick up that grenade (active), pick up that dynamite (active), or Pick up that Tear Gas Grenade (active).

NPCs haven’t attempted to pick up active grenades since about 6 months ago.