Game Crash via NPC

Like everyone else, just had to upgrade to version 0.5. I enabled the NPC options, thinking whatever issues plagued them were fixed. Wandered up to an NPC in the woods who was fighting wild animals. Started talking to him. His dialogue was one of been paranoid of my presence and told me to keep my distance. Attempted to pursuade him that I’m not hostile. Game crashed not long after he started to flee from me. Upon reload of an auto-save, the map was shrouded in fog except a small radius around my character. Not only that, all the gear I stored in a nearby Evac Shelter disappeared entirely. Suffice to say, that got annoying real quick.

So, by this experience, should I keep the NPC related settings in the options set to false?

Yeah, they’re still buggy. Less buggy than before, but they still need a lot of work, and may randomly crash the game.

We’ll make an announcement when they’re ready to be turned on, I’m sure.

Okay. Good to know. Suppose it’s a good thing this happened relatively early in that toon’s life. Was such a great start too. Ah well.