NPC Crash

I just crashed after trying to ©hat with an NPC. There were 3 NPCs on the screen at the time and two of them were named Ayden Johnson.
Actually the 3 technically 2 NPCs were just killed by a horde of Fungal Zombies that I brought to them, but their namesakes decided of respawn there in another of my chars

NPCs=buggy as fuck leave them alone!

NPCs are currently my only real issue. Nothing else makes me crash. It really sucks to bust your butt to complete a quest only to have a crash and lose everything. I prefer Save&Quit for this kind of game, but I wish I could save my progress before interacting with a NPC as a safeguard.

Edit: Nope, nevermind about that being my only one. Got a crash just for butchering a Fast Zombie. Don’t suppose someone has a DON’T Do This thread?