Random crashes

Hey. I’m getting random, consistent crashes with a save. It was working fine, then I did some bartering and skill learning with an NPC a couple of times, the game crashed on one of the transactions, and now it either can’t load the game at all, or crashes very soon after loading the game (like one or two steps, if any).

Any known bugs to do with bartering and crashes that might be causing this?

Bug is with NPCs in general. I suggest an standing Kill On Sight order for any NPCs you see, combined with staying away from them like the plague. They are currently buggy and will kill your game :frowning:

Ahh :frowning:

And the game was going so well, too!

[quote=“Benedict, post:3, topic:360”]Ahh :frowning:

And the game was going so well, too![/quote]
Seriously. Npcs = bad

Eh. I’ve learnt my lesson. I teleported the character away to a different basement, in the hopes that it might help me escape the glitch somehow, but I got trapped in some walls and when I reteleported I just died.

Such a waste! :frowning: