0.9-1303-gfe6e883, welders not working

Title pretty much says it, I have a powered welder and the needed skills to repair a car but it says I have no powered welder. Ive tried dropping it nearby, wielding it in my hand and dropping and picking it up a few times, all same.

Ive also seen the wacky scent bug a few times in this build.

Edit: Ok, so they work if I have duct tape in my inventory, I can repair as normal with duct tape and the welder in my inventory and get the prompt to choose which to use, both seem to be working fine as long as the duct tape is in the inventory.

Edit 2: also smoked meat needs a skewer and im damned if I can find a crafting recipe for it.

Pick a plank use something with “Cut : 1” on it.

You need welding goggles to repair/install things on vehicles with a welder now. That one needs it doesn’t always display itself, though.

Welders don’t work even with goggles as of version gceb21ef