Soda Pop Representation

This is a more or less aesthetic request, but it occurred to me that there are soda cans and juices in bottles and such, but no two-liters. I for one see this things almost daily and given that this game is based on a near-future that we can probably see from here, I’d say it’s only appropriate to add something as simple as a container we recognize today. They’re basically everywhere.

It’s kind of silly but I thought it seemed appropriate. I’m almost surprised no one else has said anything yet, honestly.

Its because the ban on large sodas in new york succeeded in this dimension and then spread to the rest of the new england states. /s

As I understand it, the game currently has difficulties spawning items in different default containers. For example, clean water is set with a half liter bottle as its container. If something spawns contained clean water somewhere, it will spawn in the half liter bottle. There doesn’t really exist a mechanism right now to spawn clean water in say a gallon jug. A better container system and the json to support it would help fix this.

This was the case for a long while, but I think it is no longer the only option.
Gasoline and diesel specify a different container.

Gasoline and diesel are different items though. What I mean is spawning the same item in a different container, like gasoline in a plastic jerrycan vs gasoline in a steel jerrycan.

That’s what I’m talking about.

Default container for gasoline is jerrycan, but there are itemgroups that specify jerrycan_big.

You’re right. I tracked down an example line that wally or whoever can use: