How to adjust amount of fluid spawns


So, wanted to churn out a quick mod. Want to spawn some gasoline. Putting gasoline into an itemgroup is fine, but when the gas spawns it’s in a jerrycan with 10000 portions. This doesn’t really jive with the mod, because it’s intended to be fuel for chainsaws and I’d prefer it to be partially used.

Right, so, I want to spawn the gasoline in a smaller container (like a gallon jug), or adjust the volume of gasoline inside the jerrycan. Does anyone know how I can do this? I genuinely have no idea.

I’m not opposed to creating my own 1 gallon gas can but I’m not sure how to spawn it as having gas inside of it.


Ah, it took me longer than I’d like to admit, but I can add “container-item” to specify a container type.


{ "item": "gasoline", "prob": 25, "container-item": "jug_plastic"}

This allows me to alter the container, but does not allow me to change the capacity manually. In other words, using a gallon jug does spawn less gasoline than the jerrycan, but both containers spawn at 100% capacity.

I’ll leave the thread in case someone is looking for this in the future.