So the original Cataclysm

I have been all over the internet, every corner of it that involves Cataclysm.
Trying to find one thing.
Gameplay, screenshot, anything, of the original Cataclysm game.
I know it existed before Dark Days Ahead, but all I can ever find of it is just people mentioning it.
So my question to you forum is.
Do you know of anything involving the original Cataclysm?

I have a copy of the last version that was posted on the original forums. If you have a certain way you’d like me to send it.

*Yeah seems to be out of commission. That’s where I first heard of this amazing game.

I had it on a real old laptop, if I recall correctly. Problem is that it’s so old that it shuts down in ten seconds.

All I could remember for it is seeing a bunch of supplies on the road that’s surrounded by traps.

I actually have the last one without darkling wolf’s mods and the and the last one on that forums that darkling wolf posted. So one of each. I should go back and compare. I remember one thing I was wanting for so long was peeking around corners and it got added here on these forums with this crew. Thats when I knew I’d be following this game’s development for awhile.

I have an old Whales version from 2012 in November.

It’s definitely functional.

Yeah December 2012 was when I downloaded my last one without darklings mark on it, so it was probably the same one.

Well if anyone wants to post it anywhere, I’d be very interested in seeing what the original was like.

That should be the last one without TDW’s name on it. In the options menu there’s only 8 things you can change.

I wonder if it’ll work if I use the original Cataclysm save with it’s newer Counterpart.

Wish me luck!

EDIT: Nope! Just crashed after loading a save… I guess it makes sense since they’re ‘different’

Hah, no we only support save compatibility for a limited amount of time, especially since the original format didn’t support compatibility at all (cocaine of whisky anyone?). We’re just about to ditch support for the original format entirely, that’s something like 2,000 lines of code we can get rid of.

Still, neat to see someone was able to find ye olde version.

Of course that doesn’t mean you couldn’t load up a version from just before we drop support, update to that, and then update to later versions after the support has been dropped. :wink:

If there were demand, which I haven’t heard a peep about, we could whip up a separate updater program that just does a load/save cycle on old save directories to make them compatible with the new version of the game, but it’s probably just as easy to load/save them with the old versions of the game executable to make that happen.

single tear

The nostalgia’s just too much.