When did you start playing cata?

do you remember, when did you start playing cataclysm? how did you first hear about it? how completely fucking awesome was it? did you fare well with the controls and graphics?

i remember, it was right around when whales went on hiatus, either a little before or a little after. i came to it through roguebasin; i was browsing the news ticker with various news and updates to different RL’s (cata is still up there) and found this absolute gem in the rough.

i had played angband and stone soup a bunch, and of course dwarf fortress, so i didnt have a hard time picking up the controls (except when my new laptop didnt have a numpad)

i dont even remember what it was like way back then… anyone still have a hiatus copy laying around after all this time? there werent even vehicles IIRC right? man i would love to get my hands on that just to see how much work you all have put into it

I think I heard of it on bay12games or saw it on roguebasin way back when whales was still developing it.

Back then it was pretty fun but also buggy and I had to use a virtual machine to play it. On windows it would crash almost constantly.

I started playing a while ago, but it was short-lived. I felt the game needed something a little more, and I dropped it until I heard about Dark Days Ahead.
I don’t remember much when I played before DDA, but crashing all the time is something I’ll never forget. Still feel it’ll happen to me when I’m playing…
Thank Mountain Dew for the Autosave.

Little over a year now. First version was the 02Feb Bugfix.

(Still have a copy if anyone wants one.)

It was worth the time; I’m still around a year later despite popular demand, so I imagine Whales, Darkling, and the crew did a decent job.

I seriously doubt that people in here have those feelings towards you.

On other news, I first played cataclysm back when Whales was still working on it. But I never played much back then and abandoned the game and my forum lurking in about a month.

I then rejoined a bout the time the kickstarter launched.

I started playing around of late 0.6 version. I found Cata by some-guy-comment in other Z-survival-game and Googled it. Love that concept of finding masterpiece through random article or someones comment. Found Dwarf Fortress similiar way.

I started when jefmajor was doing a lp. I thought this game was ugly as shit. Then I started playing a month later.

I’ve been playing since 0.4 or 0.5. Not sure.

Just before 0.9 came out, so I was playing 0.8 for a while before I realized I could get 0.9.

Whale’s Cata. Shortly after the 02 Jan version of DDA

And I have no idea how I found about Cata

I was a roguelike noob back then, having tried DF and lost, i lurked roguebasin for the best coffeebreak roguelike, because i was really bad at rls back then. So i found the normal Cata and i liked it, and when i saw DDA and the cars and the stuff i was really amazed. I don’t play much the last days but the forum is awesome, so…

I can’t remember where I found out about it for the life of me, but it was back when Whales was still developing it. I think around the time the whole dildos/other sexual content in the game came up on the old forums.

Is it weird that’s the “landmark” that I remember?

I started on C:DDA around mid-April 2013 after reading the Bay12 thread and becoming intrigued.

Switched to linux about a year ago, started looking for native linux games and discovered Dwarf fortress / roguelikes
(i was immediately hooked on the ASCII-‘graphics’).

Then i read this post: http://indiestatik.com/2013/03/08/roguelike-primer/
That’s where I learned about C:DDA.
The first version I played was 0.3 or 0.4 (not sure anymore), haven’t missed a release since.
I had been playing other roguelikes, so i didn’t have much problems with the controls.
I remember that when i first played it I thought: This is exactly what I’m looking for in a game.
(Reading the designdoc was really fun!)

I’ve been following these forums for some time now, haven’t posted much but I have to say:
This community is awesome

I’ve started around 0.6, found it by accident. Since then, I’m hooked!

Goes into a mysterious voice.
"Many things have been found while browsing the internet’s many pages. Some good, others… N-"
Loud cough from off-screen.
Fucking around with the internet, randomly put in DDA and it came up with the game.

I started sometime in march 2013, back when Jefmajor was doing a lets-play of 0.3 i think it was. Took me a week to get into cataclysm because i was on a family vacation back then, but I’ve been in love with it ever since.

ha, that was a great article. i loved that cata is listed under ‘expert’ lol. also enjoyed the entries for DF and URW

i remember seeing that inventory was managed not only by weight but also arbitrarily by volume as well, sort of like a dynamic Diablo-like system, and i thought that was really excellent design. that, coupled with my general lamenting for the lack of good “survival” (not horror survival) games or sims around, and i was sold on cata from the very beginning. excellent game. the “simulation” of survival needs is really spot on and i appreciate it as a shining light in the darkness where “realism” should be in modern gaming, indie and mainstream alike, where it is erroneously claimed to be

I think I originally heard about original Cata a long time ago but couldn’t figure out how to compile it so I forgot about it. Then somewhere around mid June of last year I heard about it from the Rogue: Survivor forum’s “Other Games” thread so I finally took the time to learn how compile it. A short while later I discovered that you could just download and copy it to a folder. Then not much later I discovered DDA, and have been hookered since.

i played nethack, and wanted more so i googled for free/opensource rougelikes :smiley:
first version i played was 0.4 i think… or 0.5, something like that
first time i stepped into the game… i remember the shelter, and there was spider web on the north and safe mode keept bugging me about a spider :smiley: