Which gamebuild i need to open this save?

i have the savegame where i have a cool big tank-house where i have all what i need.
but in the new gamebuilds this save cannot be loaded at all - game crashes.
if not so old saves get loading errors then this save simply crash-end my cataclysm.exe

all i know - last date when i updated save is 03/02/2017 03 feb 2017.
i wish to teleport my house-tank to my new world.
but for this i need this name which i forgot (sclerosis)

Do you have the cataclysm dda launcher? There you have a button “roll back to older version”. I think the versions have the release dates next to them. Just look for the one with the closest date before your save game.

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launcher? he can solve my problem? ok. i’ll try them.


It can find updates, sort mods and revert to older versions, etc.

launcher did not helps.
i save myself with my file-trash with old early downloaded files.
i found build which is load correctly my save. process of teleportation of my tank-house is in progress.