So, I started a new character

Hi all. Long-time lurker, I’ve played the game for a long time and have enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks, devs, for your awesome work!

Anyway, I registered because I started a new character, and…

First aid book in the basement, plus some foodstuffs and clothes. Well, that’s not bad. When I wandered out of the shelter, though, I found a small wreck with this sitting in the middle before I even got to the outskirts of town:

When I got within a few tiles of it, I got some message about feeling that my ‘life was being sucked away’. Since the character is new, and OOH SHINY THING, I picked it up anyway.

It makes the character invisible while it’s carried, and also drains each stat by -2. I haven’t noticed the life-draining effect yet. As soon as it’s put down the effects seem to cease. It can’t be activated, as far as I can tell. Zombies definitely can’t see me - they can smell me - but I’ve been happily running around town, pillaging things like the Apocalyptic version of Gollum. I had two close run-ins where I got a little too close to quick zombies and had to duke it out, but that was repaired by some first aid.

I’m really considering making a storyboard for this guy. This is potentially the best start to the game I’ve ever had.

enjoy it while it lasts (until you exit the game and load again :slight_smile: )


Well, in that case, I’m just going to leave this game window open. I don’t turn my computer off anyway; just hibernate it. :smiley:

ha, i just found a dead tube :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I can’t wait until somebody gets around to fixing this problem.

Yeah I can’t wait until somebody gets around to fixing this problem.[/quote]
According to the changelog it’s already been fixed in the latest dev version. Haven’t tested it yet though

Just don’t save with it on your person i think and you should be fine. Otherwise you will get a none.