Is there any way to Undelete a character?

I usually dont save scum, but I believe my death was unfair. I had a character who was VERY far in, and I got the flu. So I use a royal jelly, almost immediately after, I get the flu again. So I use a royal jelly. Not even 5 minutes later I get the flu AGAIN. Repeat three or four times. So I look it up and apparently its due to me using adderall, which is unhealthy.

I realize amphetamine use can be unhealthy and addictive, but I seriously only used it like three times, I can’t imagine anyone getting such severe withdrawal symptoms without having been a heavy user for years, even translated for game time this seems a bit absurd.

Anyways, I survived and went to a small town and got a bunch of stuff done, realized my hunger had gotten to famished due to being to weak to hunt anything, so I decide to give fishing a try. I catch a carp, and then I get a message saying “A zombear has come from the water!” What? How does that even make sense? It killed me in one turn.

I forgot to make a backup but is there anyway to un delete my character? I tried to close it down fast enough but it wont let me load now. Shouldnt my save still exists somewhere in the game files?

If you have a directory in your game folder called graveyard, the save file might be in there.

As for it being unfair:

  1. Most of your story has nothing to do with how you died.
  2. You have an item that instantly cures a disease, but it sounds like you didn’t do anything to try and get your health to recover.
    2a. “I only took it a few times” If you want it to be realistic, we can do that, but that would also remove all benefit of taking it, sound good?
  3. Zombears don’t have to breathe, therefore they sometimes wander around in rivers.

Oh yeah my bad. Forgot to mention how the flu part was relevant. I meant I would normally have been able to fight the zombear but my stats were insanely low and I was overly weighed down, and didnt have time to drop everything before I died. Also I realized now that my character had addictive personality, so that makes sense too. Only complaint I have is there should be some kind of cooldown between sickness, like a certain amount of turns or hours before you can get sick again, getting the flu 5 times in a day seems a bit off.

Also how common is the zombear thing? Does it only happen from fishing or just by being by water, and is it a common occurrence?

Edit: I don’t appear to have a graveyard folder. Am I out of luck?

Pfft, you think that’s unfair? As much of a veteran of the cataclysm (I say that with semi-seriousness) as I am, this happens all the time. But, it was entirely your fault. You know why I don’t take hardcore drugs in game? Because that’ll get you sick. You know why I always hunt and forage for food in the wilderness? Because meat and veggies keep you healthy. And don’t ever, ever, go out when your stats are low. I have been killed many times when I thought I could do it.

I’m raiding a military outpost at night, right? As I’m looting, I accidently get in range of a turret with one key press. It kills me, and I just lost a two year character. It was completely my fault, and I don’t save scum. A lesser me, a former me, would have comolained about it like you’re doing now, and ask for change, but I don’t. Because it was your, and my, fault.

Swimming zombies are common, and the fact that you don’t have a memorial file is that you tried to exit while the game was confirming your death.

Yea, out of luck in that case.

One correction FSN, memorial != graveyard