So an electrohack and some gloves go to a bar

The punchline is POWER GLOVE.

Tech gloves, power gloves. Call 'em what you want. They’re gloves with nifty features.
…and I want to see them in the game. ZAP! POW!

It’s So Bad.

There, fix’d it for you :DD

Warning! Overwhelming epicness below.


[quote=“Kevin Granade, post:4, topic:3812”]Woosh

Oh dear god it’s only right speaker audio, you’re terrible x.=.x

What has science done?!
But really, I want gadget gloves. And ads!

I want a modular power glove, break apart a chain lightning CBM and tape it to the glove. BA-ZAP! Or instead, affix a combat knife to it and go stab happy.

So they went into the toilet after a couple of shots, and the Hack goes like:
"Whuza deal with ya overlup… overly… f*ck! Cockblocking the skill with yer encumberance, man?"
The Gloves look at each other briefly, and just a second before using the hand dryer they respond in one voice:
“You’re looking at the wrong dudes, man. Couldn’t you see we’re circumcised?”