Dive Knife bug----

So my idea about stuffing random crap into yer boots was implemented. Thanks first off.

No then. The “Dive Knife” is super small and yet not able to be added to fire fighters belt / tool belt / survivor(or utility) belts, nor to be stuffed into any boots.

Also, if the items don’t add up to the max amount for boots. Is it possible to add multiple items?

ex= Put Dive knift and multi-tool in at same time? I think they are small enough…not having the info in front of me at the moment -_-

Items with holster functionality seem to have both minimum and maximum size limits. I saw something that you can put stuff in, I’m not sure what it was, but the size range was from 0.17 L-to-0.5 L or so. Is the dive knife perhaps too small for whatever you’re trying to stick it in?

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Actually I think a multi-tool + Dive Knife should fit with an option to remove either one at a time. I can actually do this with my boots when I shuck oysters.

Most work boots or snow or army boots can put a solid multi on one side with a blade(being flat) down the other side. Sure after 2+ hours of straight running it may chafe. But I can comfortably for those 2 hours. If you are just chilling in a car or walking. You’re all set =)

Realisrically that would make sense, ingame it’s not set up to work that way yet.

Why? Do you know this because you code? Not sarcasm, I know we can have multiple belt tools attached at the same time. Such as a multi-tool + crowbar(I think that was what I had on it)…maybe a hammer.

Last i checked you could only holster one thing at a time, but maybe that was changed when they made it possible to put multiple magazines in a vest. In that case, the dive knife must not meet the minimum volume requirement someone else mentioned, in which case there’s really no good reason to sheathe it.

I can code, I’m just not entirely familiar with CDDAs code.

…hang on. There exists a minimum volume for that stuff? 0_o

It is tiny…but I don’t have the game up at the moment nor can I test it today. Machines running other crap.

Yes, there is a minimum. Someone else mentioned it further up.

Pfft…THAT guy…j/k

Missed that response. Well…kinda sucks then in an ironic way. Sh!ts to small…go figure >_>

Tool Belts seem to be able to hold multiple items simultaneously, Firefighter Belts cannot, and one of the two, I can’t recall which right now, cannot hold Makeshift Crowbars. I’m not sure about the size requirements of any of them, however.

Not really relevant to now, but in the past it was possible to holster two knives in one pair of boots of various types. It might still be an option in 0.C Stable.

Would be a great mod and Kevin may add it into the main game. Makes sense.

Heck If you wanna follow a different logic one could use a skeleton knife…speaking of which. Where the heck are skeleton blade??? lol

Seriously. These are great! Throw well and tuckem in boots. Fancy that! :slight_smile:

Dive knife has a volume of 0.01L in my game. Hunting knife for comparison has a volume of 0.25L… That’s one hell of a compact crowbar. Matchstick bar.

Not as relevant anymore. Only western boots can holster knives now.

Yet it would not be difficult to sew a tiny sheath onto a boot.