Power armor is for kitties

So I just found A Mark II Light power armor and I cant wear a backpack, a holster, even a fucking purse. This is ridiculous.

I know theres that addon for the power armors that gives you lotsa storage space, found it once in military surplus, but ffs, not even a purse?!

Congratulations Duke, the mods will probably be quite pleased to see that thread title. >_>

I do agree that, at the very least, power armor could use some added storage and utility accessories. If I recall, this has already been brought up before. The general assumption is that the armor is likely to move in ways that would damage or pinch items worn over it, if not designed to not catch on joints. This is one of many real-life things that developers of powered exoskeletons are dealing with.

That would imply that it’d have lots of problems with catching on scenery if it wasn’t programmed with some form of force feedback, but still.

Yea, I’d appreciate it if you edited that out of your title. Terms that disparage a group of people (yes, “pussy” does, you’re saying there is something wrong with people that have female traits) are against the rules.

Also protip, coming across as aggressively as you are tends to make people focus on how you’re saying things instead of what you’re saying. In this case, you’ve sapped any interest I had in discussing the issue before even starting, so I’m probably going to ignore it.

And as mentioned, the issue has been brought up before. Maybe someone should open up a PR for implementing a basic array of power-armor-mounted utility items…

You could just go around pulling a grocery cart around to use as storage, there’s 200 slots and no weight limit.

even better is making your own storage cart with a cargo-carrier instead of a basket. 1000 volume for whatever you find.

Good luck having the strength to handle 1000 volume’s worth of gear though. A trunk is generally enough.

Meh, with casters, it really doesn’t even slow you down all that much. I do it all the time.

The hidden joke here is I always play female :stuck_out_tongue:

Come on man, at least give me a purse! :smiley:

Dude, I just found “Lady Cummings” in the random name generator.

Using the word “pussy” isn’t a problem, there’s no rule against sexual references or innuendos.
It’s using it as a disparaging term that’s a problem.
e.g. “Pussy Galore” in Bond, totally fine, “dude, don’t be such a pussy”, problem.
That make it clear?

I agree with OP,power armor is practical only for pre-apocalypse military,not for post-apocalypse survivor.


Now give me a purse.

Except for that wonderful Rivtech non-rigid power armor which is totally awesome (and broken).

[quote=“Graphical, post:13, topic:10416”]GG.

Now give me a purse.[/quote]

You might find a softer approach to be more productive. If it’s really bugging you, the fastest way to add a makeshift power armour carrier is to add it to the “armor.json” file on your own system.

Ahem. Someone doesn’t know about power armor hauling frame which provides 125 space?

I DO! I said it in the fist post!

I think.

does the internal storage CMB work with power armor on?

Honestly I so rarely find power Armour these days for this to be a non issue (Bizarre how you won’t find any in bunkers). Also at the whole “pussy” debate: That only works if you’re assuming ‘cowardice’ or ‘indecisiveness’ (or other qualities associated with the ‘pussy’ insult) to be a female trait. Personally I consider ‘pussy’ to be a pretty gender neutral insult.

For the sake of not derailing the thread any further, anyone remember what flag is needed to make armor wearable over power armor?