I made a power fist


Takes some decent electronics crafting to make. Works with the latest experimental.

It is pretty much the best unarmed weapon when powered.


A new unarmed weapon? Me likely!

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That actually sounds pretty sweet. I’ve been meaning to try playing a martial artist; and the powerfist sounds like it’ll work really nicely with the build I have in mind. :fist::+1:

Do you have a Github account because I’d like to fork this and create some quick derivatives based on it? (power claw, with cut instead of bash, and some electrified versions)

nah, I don’t have a Github account. I can make one if you really want.

Nah, its not needed. It just makes it easier to credit people for their contributions.

Something akin to that, ey? :slight_smile:

I wonder what it must be like to use that . . .

Specifically, how does it feel to aim that plate instead of your knuckles?