Power Fists

The title is self explanatory. Adding in Power Fists for unarmed combat characters. These beauties can only be found in various labs and military bases. You can preform special attacks with them depending on your strength and unarmed combat, like for example charge. This could explode any normal zombie or animal in gore. It’s nothing serious, just a suggestion.

I can see many ways why this is not gonna happen.

First off, it makes things explode. I don’t think scientists would develop a glove that would explode people. Second, its an instakill.

So a Fallout Power Fist to match our Fallout Power Armor (It’s the way I see our Cataclysm Power Armor)? I’m not opposed. However, this feels like more of a CBM than a weapon. A passively draining, but also active one to be precise. Something like 1 Power/16 Turns, 10 per punch. I think it would work better as a CBM than a weapon because in the latter it would count as a weapon, so you couldn’t use a style. Thus, the only way for it to work would be to make a new unarmed category of weapons, which again I wouldn’t be opposed to, I just see this as a much simpler alternative.

Gotta say, I never understood how the Power Fist was supposed to work. If it’s servo-assisted grip–so you grab stuff REALLY TIGHT–that shouldn’t markedly improve the punch. Is it an electroshock glove or something?

In the Fallout games they make your punches hit harder using gyroscopic thingamajigs and plutonium voodoo.

The physics of it seems to change every time you can get a decent look at the weapon itself - in the 2D games it looked like a glowing, spiked metal glove, in the 3D games it’s like a giant block of steel that’s been equipped with a crazy pneumatic ram on the back of the knuckles.

And it wouldn’t be a major thing to implement; I believe we already have a weapon tag that causes stuff to use the unarmed combat skill.

Yeah, I’ve played the 2D Fallouts. Preferred to stick to unassisted Unarmed. Haymaker FTW.

The metal knuckel are not unarmed?

I get where you’re going, pal. :slight_smile: Hulk-fist the wall, and then use the Muscles CBM to throw the roof onto the Zombie horde.

Even the Player Hulk has to poop. He needs to pee, too. That’s hydraulics fuel, y’know.