So about that bar of soap

I started with a shower victim with a Soap Bar (25).

I decided to throw the soap to get it outside.

So I wound up with (soap 1) on the ground, and Soap 24 in my inventory.

This seems like an error. xD

This is using the latest experimental.

Seems that you’re very neat person and have a habit to ferociously clean yourself up. So usually you take 25 soap bars with you in bathroom and don’t leave it until you use them all to the last drop :slight_smile:

Yeah. xD

I always thought it was 1 bar of soap with 25 uses, but apparently… xD

We’ve had reports of charge-handling issues with soap, and I recall not being able to reproduce 'em with any reliability. If throwing it works, good to know. Thanks for reporting.

Bad interaction of throwing code with items having charges, yea that should be treated as a single item.

Soap is now the deadliest weapon in the hands of a throwing character, I am sure.

That’s one way to…

puts on sunglasses

…clean up the city.