Too much soap is being used up

1 whole soap bar to wash a t-shirt?!?!

Is there a reason that soap is not implemented as batteries, with which one would “charge” a washing kit?

soap is a very inefficient way to wash clothing, as you’re meant to use it to clean your hands

… y’ever hand wash something?

that aside, you find soap bars in quantities of like 10, where you’d normally expect to find 1 (say, bathrooms), same goes for detergent, you’re assumedly using a ‘whole box’ of detergent when you wash something, but really its just one out of the 20-30 or so you found.

i dont see any problems with how it works right now.

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You find 10 soap bars in a bathroom because it’s a work-around for soap being used up so fast.


bars of soap/detergent can only be used for cleaning clothes anyway, thats the purpose of it. which is weird because you’d think keeping a water source and soap around for cooking your character would automatically wash their hands before cooking, leading to less likelyhood of contaminating food… but i guess thats also not a feature.
… could be a feature?

think of it this way, in reality, you’re finding a single bar of soap in the bathroom

… but in CATA, where your character only sees its purpose as ‘cleaning supplies’, its actually 10 pieces of ‘clean my clothes’

Hence why I suggested making it behave like ammo.


that means putting it in an unnecessary container, its fine itself as a free item and it works better with crafting

oh, right, soap/detergent can also make soapy water, to unfoul guns.

I’d work nicely with crafting as well. Recipes already use charges of duck tape for example.

but duct tape is just duct tape, you dont reload it it just has a specific ammount of uses… like singular items. i’m pretty sure theres a reason duct tape is in charge form, i just cant think of it currently.

i mean, yes theres no reason soap COULDNT be in charge form, but you’d have to change it to be that way… and if it aint broke dont fix it.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to keep a couple of bars of soap around so I don’t need to purchase another as soon as one runs out.

Soap(s) could certainly use more granularity in how much a charge consists of, however.

Yes, same. But I don’t keep around 20.

I suppose this will come once the clothes you wear can become filthy (having to wash oneself and your clothes in-game).