Strange stacking

No biggie, but still.

Pretty sure some other stuff does this too.

This is working as intended - you have 3 items, 2 of them have 10 charges, 1 has 8 charges.

While I’m all for pooling charges for items like this (lighters, matchbooks etc. - pilot light from lighters and matchbombs aren’t worth and don’t warrant having them waste inventory letters), this is more of a feature request than bug report.

EDIT: Wait, your screenshot shows how it SHOULD work and how it doesn’t, right?
I had 2 bottles of cough syrup (10), used one of them and now I have 2 bottles of cough syrup (9) until I drop one of them.
That would certainly be a bug.


I recently merged a change to stack handling (intended to break out gear by birthday, tag, etc). That may have caused problems here. Will check.

Update: Yep, it stacked to the least amount available. I tried with bottled water and once I drained the first bottle, the other was full (and it gave me the empty bottle). This is more a display issue, but a problem nevertheless.

And BevapDin with the fix, just merged. Nice job.