Multiple charges of Detergent?


I’m rather new to the game.

Yesterday I was able to clean my whole inventory with only using 1 charge of Detergent. Now I have to use as many charges as the amount of items I want to clean.

Did they change how it works, or am I missing something?

Background info:
Yesterday I was cleaning in a LMOE shelter beside one of those water puddles in the shelter.
Today I was cleaning beside an outside swimmingpool.


Looking through the commit log, I don’t see anything in the past few weeks that obviously would change how detergent was used. And my experience from playing through the past few weeks is that I’ve always had to use detergent in proportion to the volume of stuff I was cleaning.

Did you recently update from an older experimental to current?


Not that I know of.

If you look at this video, you can see he also only uses 1 charge of detergent:

time: 25:10


o_o Let’s all pretend this comment wasn’t deleted because I’m stupid.


I vaguely remember there being an issue about the old way it worked, so it was changed to this one. I believe the premise was essentially that realistically you’re not gonna use 5 charges to clean 5 clothes. The detergent spreads through the water source, so there is no need to use multiple charges. Just like if you wash dishes. all you need is one thing of sanitizing agent, and you can clean multiple dishes. You don’t clean one dish, empty the sink, refill the sink, readd sanitizer and soap, and clean one more dish, and repeat.


Thing is, I also cleaned multiple clothes without tearing them into rags, and it also required only 1 charge of detergent.

Could it be because im using a swimmingpool now instead of a 1 tile ‘‘puddle’’?


Okay, well, for starters, the water source should have no impact on how much detergent is used. Water only matters in that you need to have X amount of it, based on how much clothing you’re washing.

But secondly, probably more importantly, I was wrong about what I said earlier. Washing clothing is not a 1 to 1 ratio. Looking at the code, it appears to be based on the volume of what’s being washed. Which is pretty clever. So, you CAN wash multiple items of clothing and potentially use only one charge.

A blanket, for instance, requires 2 charges because of it’s large volume. Pretty interesting, I think.

Anyway, I apologize for misleading you.