Small bugs

Instead of creating a thread for every bug I see, I’m just going to post them here.

-I’m finding plastic bags of clean water, with 24 charges, instead of the bottles. Is it a feature or a bug?

-There’s braziers and wood axes spawning on garages, and welders and “succeed in business” books on military buildings, and probably other things, this is just what I’ve seen. Looks like the item spawing got a bit messed up somehow.

Using the latest version btw (Cygwin)

Yeah, I’ve obv messed the order of itype.h and itypedef up. Will fix before I go sleep.

Don’t know if this is also caused by that bug, but I found it funny.
Thanks a lot, was really hoping to play a bit tonight

Hrm. You sure you’re using the latest version, and did a clean build? Everything looks fine for me.

Also remember to nuke your save folder when you move to a new version, that would also account for that kind of item shuffling.

Yeah I always do that. And yes, using the latest pull (the one before the “did something” commit)
Sometimes when I make clean and then make I get an error at the end, but if I make it again it’s fine. Maybe that has something to do with it?

Actually, looking again, I think it’s the latest commit that fixes the problem. There was an item being defined twice, so everything else was getting shunted up a space, thus plastic bags of water and textbooks of beef jerky.

Alright, thanks.
And btw, just got that error, so I took a screen

You know what could be causing it? Like I said, if I “Make” it again, it goes away, probably. Well, eventually.

Bear traps disappear after being activated (after trapping something)

The trapped enemy should drop the beartrap when they’re killed, it’s behaviour Whales added to stop you just collecting beartraps and repeatedly trapping the same enemy.

But it seems that if the trap kills them, they don’t. I had some at my lab entrance, some wolves came, died, and the traps vanished.

Ahh, easy fix. The game was only adding the beatrap item to their inventory in the situation they survived, and wasn’t placing the beartrap if they died.

-Strawberries now have the (hot) tag. Eww

Not a bug, just a feature that’s not fully implemented yet. It has no impact on gameplay, but any food less than 10 minutes old gets the hot tag.

(You’ll eventually get a bit of a morale boost for eating and drinking certain things, like tea,coffee and soup, hot)

Darkling, I think the bug of books of beef jerky and cocaine of whiskey should be a feature. The universe threw a tantrum at the zombies, but it effected items. Derping them up, just something to laugh at during the zombie apocalypse.