Small Ass Inventory Menus?

seriously , why the hell were the inventory menus fucked over ? they were fine to begin with , focus your efforts to shit that actually needs fixing , not something that doesnt
to the point , how do i make them go full screen ?

I was originally repulsed as well, but it kind of grows on you.

It was a nondev contributor who did it

[quote=“pisskop, post:2, topic:12946”]I was originally repulsed as well, but it kind of grows on you.

It was a nondev contributor who did it[/quote]
i know , but still , such things are meant to be mods , not forced on everyone

How does it look now?

like the sewing menu

it expands according to your itemlist

I actually like it, what’s the problem with it ?

now that i used it , its okay but i’m still a bit pissed there isnt an option to disable it

I personally don’t like the change. I don’t understand the reason for it and I don’t see the advantage of seeing fewer items when your trying to drop. In my estimation it the need for more scrolling is a big drawback and I would second any suggestion that this should be made optional if possible.

yeah , i just realized it needs scrolling
also why the fuck do i need to see the terrain and whatever when i’m trying to sew something ?
its just like , completely unneeded
efforts should be focused on things that need fixing , not things that are actually okay

Just booted up the game to see what this was all about. Yeah, I’m also not a fan of it. Maybe it’s just placebo, but the list seems more smashed together; something about it seems distracting and makes it harder to navigate.

I just opened it to see what people were on about and while I think it looks alright, I don’t see why it needs to be there. We’re not needing to see the terrain as previously mentioned and it’s not like anything’s going to creep up on us. It’s effectively turn based (Or whatever the term would be). I wouldn’t say have the option for it though. I’d say just change it back for the old one, because correct me if I’m wrong, but the only benefit of the new one is that it’s more appealing to look at than the old one. Other than that, there’s no advantage. I play on a TV, so it’d be nice to use all of that space to make my life alittle easier. I mean, it’s not like anyone’s playing this for the graphics.

Not only it is inferior to the old one,but it slows down to a crawl when you scroll around it.
Id rather see effort invested on something decent.
It is a downgrade compared to the old one as it is uglier,slower and trying to eat something out of a pile of food is horribly slowed by the sluggish crawling of the lagging menu.

If there was even the slightest reason to have it I could see it being an option, but making it default, let alone the only option, is yet another waste of effort that could’ve been spent merging and/or making fixes, seeing as currently this past week or two has seen the level of feature breakage skyrocket.

Mining stairs is fucked, brass catchers/revolvers are fucked, almost everything involving vehicles are fucked, save migration is on-and-off fucked, performance is slightly fucked (would that be frigged?), compiling is apparently fucked, reloading non-magazine weapons without RELOAD_ONE is fucked, some missions are fucked…

That was literally just me listing major issues I’m aware of, most of which were opened within the past 2 weeks.

all that time spent making this damn thing could have been used to fix the above problems , now we have yet another problem to fix which is this “”"""""""“adaptive”"""""""" menu thing
like , ffs i dont have a problem with it being here but dont shove it down our throats , an option or opt-mod to revert back would have sufficed because apparently this thing is for big resolutions , so you just focused on a minority and fucked with the majority

Holidays for most main/major contributing devs, I’d expect. So my advice is simply lay off the game awhile and let there be another stable before playing. Either that or just debug the shit outta everything and lay waste to things with mininuke launchers til you’re bored, as I’m doing.

That too, though skewed development priorities have been plaguing the project for a while. It’s gotten to the point where they want to shirk the responsibility of ensuring their JSON changes don’t break mods, because just preventing changes from breaking mainline is hard enough.

Which causes more things to break, in both mainline and mods. Which means more work for them. And thus, more things they neglect due to lack of manpower. And thus, the cycle of liiife.

I see the “stop complaining and just wait for the next stable” argument a lot. That feels a little disrespectful to valid complaints and/or hopes because:
1.) It has been more then a year since the last stable.
2.) there is no indication of a forth coming stable.
3.) going from the experimental builds back to the old stable is, from a content standpoint, like going from GTA 4 (I haven’t played 5 so I can’t comment that far) back to the original GTA.

There’s a thing on Github where you can see the progress til next stable release.

Just tried latest version.

This needs to die. Kill it with fire and give us the old piece of crap back in a hurry.

This does NOT expand based upon how much crap you have in your inventory. It just made a small full screen that was reasonable to use literally half of my screen and pure crap for now having to scroll twice what I had, wtf?!

This is suppose to be a public game. No voting should not mean a respect of the community to even ask if this forced change would be a mod or acceptable default.

Making the game for 5 devs is never what the project was about. It was and should still be a community effort.

And it is, man. Chill! They’ll probably remove it in some future release given a big enough reaction (and enough constructive arguments to support that reaction).