How do I force the inventory menus to go fullscreen?

The new “adaptive menus” make the game slow down to the point of being unplayable when they’re up. The description for the change on github showed that you could make them go fullscreen by adjusting resolution somehow but was vague on the details. Can anyone help me out?

I guess it means that when the resolution is really small it will go to the old type by default?

If this is the case then it REALLY needs an option in the interface menu to disable it. Perfect example of why you shouldn’t try to fix something that wasn’t broken to begin with.

this is seriously the worst change i saw since filthy clothing
and filthy clothing isnt even that bad now that its a mod !

To be on the other side, I absolutely hated the fullscreen menu. It wasn’t always that way, some weeks ago it was a little bit smaller, you could actually see the background.

Then it went on some modifications and the weight/vol description (that one that appears on top-right on screen) went “full” top-right, which means the player had to look to the items on the left side of screen, them go all other way, just to check the vol of the item.

Do you guys see the problem there? The same day, someone started to code the new “adaptive” menu, I was amazed that there’s always someone who have a eye to this things. I loved the new system.

But seems not everybody likes this. I get it.

So guys, take it easy on the dev. Some people like the changes, other’s don’t.

What we really need in this case, is to politely ask if the dev could make it an option, then wait a little.

We don’t need to be harsh.

To me, it was broken. The dev fixed it.

Sorry my confusing english.

This relates purely to each one’s monitor size. The bigger the monitor, the more annoying it is for fullscreen inventory. Adjustable size would’ve been the best, alongside with the automatic option.

Inventory view: Fullscreen, Custom, Automatic
Custom size X: 68
Custom size Y: 100

But I’m not complaining just yet. I’ve only briefly seen it. TBH I was OK with the fullscreen, but probably only because my display isn’t particularly huge. The real mystery is why does the weight/volume have to be in the upper right corner. It smells like bad/lazy UI design decision. Why not top center? Why not align with the worn clothing column? Why not just right of “Item hotkeys assigned”? All three practically the same position.

Wasn’t the weight and volume always in the top right though? No one ever had a problem iirc.

I don’t really have anything to complain about anymore. The person that broke it went in and fixed it. Not sure if I like the look, but the slowdown is gone for me.

I have to say that I don’t like this change and that I hope it becomes a toggle-able option. I personally don’t see the advantage of only seeing a small fraction of your inventory when dropping. More scrolling is worse scrolling in my opinion.