Slime pits. Seriously. (feat. safe zone around ranches)

Experimental version 3550, Windows graphical

Just had a slime pit spawn uncomfortably close to a ranch. I would urge the devs to tone down the slime spawn rate AND possibly create a general safe zone around ranches and refugee centers in order to prevent them from being overrun by slimes or fungi or swamp creatures or what-have-you infinite-spawns. Alternatively, provide hefty defenses for these locations IF any of the infinispawns reside in the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, us measly non-coder players might attempt modifying the file overmap_specials.json (with Notepad++). In there you’ll find a line, under the Slime Pit entry:

“spawns” : { “group” : “GROUP_GOO”, “population”:[100,200], “radius”:[2,10] }

I’m guessing that the game tries to maintain a population 100-200 slimes in each slime pit, spawning them within 2-10 squares from the center point. Either that or it’s some kind of point system, where each slime size gets different point value, adding up to the “population” values. Feel free to change the 100,200 to like 2,6. On an existing game you might need to clear the pit surface area once, before it quiets down. I did a brief testing on my game and it seemed to work but I can’t be sure about the longterm results. Use caution.

The more enthusiastic slime opposers might even weaken the slime monsters themselves drastically, and cut their loot (blobs).

Holy shit. I thought what made them swarm was their unrestrained ability to divide, not the spawn levels.

It’s both, that’s the total population, but they start dividing immediately if you’re nearby.

Kill it with fire. ;A;

Question, I’ve burned out my fair share of Slime Pits while playing the game, but never really bothered to stick around long enough or check back if they stop swarming the local area. Is it currently possible to stop a Slime Pit from spawning additional blobs like you can with Ant Hills?

I haven’t ventured into one since .B, but I’m pretty sure they’re still just slime all the way down. No boss, no fancy loot, just a few levels of identical slime-filled pit.

Brain blobs do exist, so I assume they’re down there.