Slime procreation

Uncontrolled slime procreation causes performance issues (and github issues e.g. Tone down spawning and splitting of slimes · Issue #69669 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub ).
I have two main ideas:

  • What if slime instead of splitting into many many copies of itself grew bigger as well? Instead of growing in number past certain population density slimes would grow in size.Kinda like in 2048 game, bigger blobs merging into ever bigger blobs.
  • Make slimes require organic matter to reproduce. E.g. a slime on the ground would trim tall grass into short grass and grow up from a tiny slime to a normal one. Then it’d turn short grass into bare ground and split into two. Once the ground is bare slimes stop reproducing. In labs slimes would have to consume items with flesh in them, or something of the sort.

just set up a fire and blow a whistle, thats the current way of culling tons of slimes until the fix comes.

What fix? There’s a fix coming?