Site Categories

For the initial import, I just grabbed the existing categories from the previous forums, but they don’t have to stay divided up the same way. Feel free to post and discuss any ideas you have about a better way to break things up, in particular if there are any categories that should be merged, since discourse best practices target closer to a half-dozen categories rather than the 23 (holy crap that’s a lot) that we have now.

I think we could use

The Bootcamp- a place dedicated to answering questions about gameplay and teaching others how to play.

The tips and tricks thread currently serves this function, but I think that the format of this new forum is not very good for threads with thousands of replies. As it seems very hard to find solutions that have been buried by newer replies.

EDIT: It also seems like all the game related boards are child boards of The bunker, which is rather annoying, as forces you to use an aditional drop down menut to filter the board.

Imo seeing posts from The Lab, and The garage, and The Drawing Board, and to a smaller extent the Library all mixed is just outright confusing.

By the way, Thanks for setting this up this fast.

Bootcamp does sound like a good idea.

I’d argue that there is no forum in which a many-thousand-reply thread is useful. That’s a good caveat to the boot camp idea, I should probably lock most of the megathreads.

The bunker thing is tricky, they were previously all mixed together in the category list. I wanted to seperate the game-related categories from the non-game-related categories, but I didn’t realize you couldn’t read the bunker without the others getting mixed into it.

You can actually pull the slider at the side of the thread to access the bottom easily

It’s not the bottom that’s the problem, it’s the start and middle. Very few people are going to read the massive backlog of content in there, and there’s no good way to browse it for points of interest since there are no topics.

I added a stub category to group together the game-related categories, hopefully that will both group them together and allow reading them the way people like.

Yes that works prett well, thanks.

I didn’t notice it yesterday, but the same problem is present in the general discussions board.

Yea, I was doing the same thing with that, and haven’t gotten around to reversing it yet, I’ll do the same thing there.

Megathreads are dead, seems that discourse kills them automatically when they get over 10,000 replies so I didn’t even have to do it.

Hmm, might want to put the Other languages categories under a stub category, too.