Why is Non-Game-Talk locked ? Also, hello there!

Hello, I just signed up on this I-believe-to-be official forum for Cataclysm and I was just trying to figure out how it is layed out.

While doing so, it appeared to me that the whole “Non-Game-Talk” category is locked since there is not any sub-category presented, which makes me believe it is unintentional. Also unlocking it could maybe unlock more traffic for this place right ?

Also, hello to anyone reading this, I found out about this game some time ago and it is awesome, I hope the community won’t ever die.

Why would you want to talk about non-CDDA things here? The CDDA forums are for CDDA things, “Increasing Traffic” is a concern of ad driven businesses, not community funded open source projects.

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I am asking because such category exists but is not in use. In fact it looks like it suddenly stopped but was not meant to since there is one post in it. Also there is no message about this category being shut down.

I do not personally wish to talk about something else than CDDA here, but that being said I think people could share CDDA related stuff that is not CDDA itself. Regardless, “increasing traffic” is not necessarily for a business : having more people hanging around this forum for any reason means more people being ready to contribute, to answer topics, to bring more life to the actual CDDA open source project, and grow the community it relies on.