Simple 'steel awl' recipe

One of the more obscure tool types is, IMO, the awl. An awl is basically just a steel stabby thing bigger than a needle and smaller than a rapier (lol). My mum uses them a lot in leather work, so I know what I’m talking about.

At present the only method of making a steel awl is to forge one. Which is fine for end game, but overkill for the start. The easiest way to make a decent awl is to take a screwdriver and use a metal file to sharpen a point on it. I would suggest FILE 2 as sandpaper doesn’t really cut it.

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a recipe would be fine, but you might also consider adding it to places to spawn. Awls aren’t particularly rare.

This is a good first PR, and not too difficult! If you’d like to learn to contribute, you can ping me on the discord and I’ll help you through it. The documentation is excellent, but it helps to know where to look.

See the screwdriver entry? You can copy and change that.

There’s the getting started guide, let me know if you have any questions!

in the mean time, the bone awl is rather easy to make.