Metal sawing

I was just wondering if there is a way to craft a tool with metal sawing 1, I know how to do do wooden axe’s/saws and i checked the item data base but apart from finding a hack saw or one of the other items there is not a way to make one with out already having a hack saw or related tools.

Survival knife has metal sawing one. The back of the black is notched. You can find them in sports stores.

I would search garages and sports stores. From one of them you will find a hacksaw, toolbox, survival knife.

Crafting them, however? Far as I know, not without metalsmithing tools.

Bootstrapping metalworking is presently damn near impossible, despite efforts to change this. At minimum you’re gonna need the welding goggles or the means to make them, unless your local woodland source of metal includes enough LUMPS of steel to make an anvil.

even then you would need an crucible, and that is made from a steel frame - good luck finding one

That’s trivial to work around if you’re an innawoods character. Clay crucible is an option, so if you have access to shallow water you can go for clay production.

Likewise the forge can be built from rocks, and fueled by charcoal produced by a stone constructed kiln. Once you reach the point where you need an anvil though…you’ll most likely need welding goggles. For that you’ll need safety glasses (or plastic bottles to make your own), a spray can, and either pliers or a wrench.

You’d think you could make some sort of bootleg anvil out of rock or something. It sounds kind of like a dumb idea, given that an anvil is, uh, an anvil, and a rock is a rock, but…not sure. I don’t think there’s any valid replacement for an anvil.

Bootleg welding goggles though? That should probably be doable. Somehow. Random crap laying around like a black marker or something.

You already can make welding goggles via improvised means, though. Just that for the innawoods character, it isn’t a good options.

Considering how hard you hit things for an anvil, most rocks won’t work, you would just imprint any bumps back into the metal. It’s about density. Also it’s not just being flat the rounded part is used when you want to bend the metal, especially if your working to fold or bend the piece.

One of our old Farrier’s had a smaller anvil bolted to the back of his truck, along with a small enclosed heating element oven thing to make the horse shoe a bit softer. He used the round part of the anvil after heating up the horse shoe to bend it so it fit the hoof properly for the horse. He said it’s a better fit if it’s custom than just slapping it on like most farrier’s do. It’s cool when you learn all the uses of things like that.

The guy was good, he used to be the work at the Churchhill Downs racetrack, and handled it for the Derby for a few years. If people trust you to put shoes on multi million dollar horses, it’s a fair qualification.

I wonder why metal files are not in the game. They could probably having metal sawing 1. You’d find them @ hardware stores and in various places.

Dang, no Dwarf Fortress shenanigans involving the issue of stone anvils?