My kingdom for a....hacksaw?

In most games of C:DDA, I spend most of my game looking for a wrench. This time, though, I’ve found three (3!) wrenches BEFORE finding a hacksaw.

Thirty-two days in, I’ve searched half the starting city (about 6 blocks by 3 blocks). I searched every hardware store and garage that I could find, no luck at all.

Thirty-two days in, I’m finally getting close enough in my Fabrication and Mechanics skills to say, “F— it, I’m just going to craft one of my own,” and then spending two days building a crucible, anvil, forge, swage and die set, a pair of tongs, all so I can build a gorram hacksaw.

So my question to all you fine fellow players is this:

Anybody want to bet how long before I find a hacksaw, now that I’ve forged one?


Depends where you go next tbf, if you head to a lab I’m betting there :stuck_out_tongue:

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I give it 2 days if you’re still looting the city at a steady pace.
Also Blacksmith profession ftw.

now that feel bro, most of the time i just make my own tools, the hardest part is the crucible

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I wasn’t used to trying to get a steel frame without Metal Sawing 2. Finally just took apart some wreckage until I noticed that doors are also made of steel frames and can be taken off with a screwdriver.

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I think commercial cyborg is the best start for toolmaking.


Thermometers…you’ll regret not picking them up when you find out why you need them. Stethoscopes too…very useful and easy to pass up as a starting player.

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You also can’t make thermometers. So you’ve gotta venture out for them. If your luck is bad then you’ve just gotta eat it.