Fear And Loathing in The Apocalypse Updated

So, I made up a little mod based on a few of my ideas, and one of my favorite movies. There is now a quality system to your drugs. Will you find street junk, or pure china white?
A whole galaxy of uppers, downers, screamers, and laughers. No longer will a person with cooking skills like Walter White craft the same quality meth as someone who just learned how to do it from a three toothed hick. Included are a few easter eggs. Hope you enjoy.

Woot woot. I put a lot of work into this one, and now, I’m sort of proud of the elaboration in the crafting system I made. Now, the stuff you find out on the street is garbage compared to what you can craft. However… If you’re some hick, who doesn’t care about his health, I’ve added a special crafting recipe. The one jug method of cooking meth. Extremely unhealthy, but it works. And now for you John Belushi fans, speedballs! That’s right, folks. Just get some cocaine and heroin and mix them together, and you get a painkiller AND a stimulant. Scattered around the code are various pharmaceuticals that I couldn’t get to spawn. If you want a blast from the past, spawn up some Methedrine, and Secobarbital. Pop some reds, shoot some smack, shit man, do what ever you gotta do. But I need to get some sleep. I’ve got to cover that race tomorrow. The Mint 500… The biggest off road race in North America…

Now, lessened restriction on oppressive gun modification laws… (Who’s to say I can’t have a silenced shotgun, out of No Country for Old Men?)

*Added some new, neat little drugs. Some of the kinks still need working out, but this is coming along like a duck in a noose.

  • Added recipes for basically every drug that should be craftable. Still working on adrenochrome being craftable, but it’s one of those things where I can’t figure out where the item of “human corpse” being stored to use it in a recipe. But I digress. New professions, new drugs, new stuff. Give her a whirl, she’s ship shape. I’m getting to be proud of this mod. Please, be my guest, give her a download. Added plastic bags to store drugs in. You will now find coke, heroin, and pot in such baggies, instead of a little pile on the ground.


New drugs include:
Cocaine Freebase
Bathtub meth,
Crystal Meth,
Chemically Pure Meth,
China White,
Street Coke,
Good Coke,
Pure Columbian Yayo,
and more.

V8 is out, and with that, the items are spawning as intended now.

Lots of new content. Hope you enjoy it.

I’m not quite sure if the drugs made it to spawn, so if need be, select “Mint 500 Journalist” to get the full experience without having to dig around in Debug. Monkey is drugs. Banana is drugs. Whole market is drugs! Don’t take the local currency, it’s made of drugs as well.

Alright, looking at this with developers’ eyes… I can’t quite tell what’s going on - partly because I don’t know if there were any changes to the actual source (in which case, I can’t investigate it - nor even run it, due to that being a Windows binary), and partly because I don’t know what files were changed in what ways.

It almost sounds like you actually changed how crafting works? But, then again, you don’t provide the source, and it looks like you may actually have added recipes rather than changing how the system works.

Anyway, looks interesting, but I can’t tell how extensively modded it is.

Black screen. Something’s broken.
…until I hit space. D’OH.

Aye, I added recipes. You can still cook shitty meth at level 4, but it’s ridiculously unhealthy, like one jug meth. . Now, I know, it’s problematic. I’m looking for a few tips on how to get the drugs to spawn naturally, as at the moment, they don’t seem to spawn unless you debug them in or select the Journalist profession. I’m working on V1.1 in which you’ll be able to purify street coke and lousy heroin into more pure drugs. Also working on a recipe for a speed ball which will use PKILL4 and also stimulant effect, but be incredibly unhealthy. Still need to add morphine, and adrenaline.

Item spawning is controlled by mapitemsdef.cpp - unfortunately, that does require recompilation. It’s something that we should really move to data files, though.

How does one do that? Uncompile and recompile? Or is that really complicated?
Also, what is the deal with the PKILL 1 through 4 effects? Is there a PKILL5?

Uh… Cataclysm is open source. There’s no need to decompile - just grab the source version, make your changes, and compile (or recompile if you’ve compiled previously). There are a few guides to that floating around in stickies, check the tech help forum.

V2 is up. I’ve added a lot more things. Made the crafting system a lot more in depth now. Hope you enjoy it, try not to O.D. There’s now the one jug meth bottle, and the ever deadly speedball. None of these are designed to kill, however, there is a slight to extreme chance of overdose. Take caution when using the higher tier drugs now. They are quite powerful, and very addictive.

Very nice indeed.

Of note: This should be on GitHub! See this topic for a discussion on how that is done.

Among other things, putting it on github means you won’t have to provide binaries for all platforms, which is nice for you, I’m thinking?

Toyed around as the one and only Raoul Duke, blasted suckers with the .357, got absolutely blasted on the whole kit and had a good time. Then my heart stopped. You know, for fun.
Drugs are fun. Who knew?! These definitely belong in the main game as long as a bit of polish gets added.

Where’s my ether though? I wanna get depraved and goofy.

Ok, it needs A LOT of polish. :stuck_out_tongue:


We can’t stop here - this is worm country!

So yeah, the Acapulco Shirt is a keeper… as long as you make it more sane and less super powered. Same goes for everything else, I guess.
Balance is a must when it comes to the main branch. OR IS IT? Yes, probably.

I’m also sensing an absence of a certain Red Shark and one Great White Whale. Think of it as modding practice?
Oh, and good weed really should make you cough unless you’re used to it.

New version is up. Some things have been rebalanced. Added more drugs, added more content, removed some restrictions on gun mods… Ever want a silenced shotgun? Ever wanted to make one of those really long revolvers out of “For a Few Dollars More”? Well, no longer will the game tell you “You can’t install that on that gun.”. After the ATF got ate up by zombies in righteous retribution for the Waco siege, we don’t have to namby-pamby to their nonsense.

Enjoy your jug of bathtub meth and automatic shotguns, folks. This is America. A man should be able to fire a shotgun on full auto, by Gumb. Also, a little surprise for people who like American Psycho. Choose the American Psycho profession and you’ll see what I mean. Have a good one.

Whoopsy-daisy. Forgot to upload it. NOW, it’s time for Version 3. Check it out, if you wish.

V4! Trying to get all of the drugs that should be makeable makeable. Now, I’ve added a washing process to clean certain drugs using ammonia. You can make cocaine freebase, an upgrade to crack. Shit, I still need to make acid manufacturable ingame using readily spawnable ingredients.
There’s several professions relevant to the game in, I know they need rebalancing, that’s up next on the slate.
Darkling, I added something for you. You’ll know what I mean when you up your cooking skill to a high level.

V5 is out! Getting to a very decent expansion of the crafting system. Added Krokodil, Jet, and a few references to movies some of you folks might get. New weapons, new things, new fun stuff. Please, I’m looking for feed back. If I’m just talking to myself, I’m gonna be bummed out, but I don’t care. I’ll make the game better for myself. But I want to share it with others.

Getting this stuff into the main game will probably get you a lot more feedback, you know.
Oh, and the revolver in Fear and Loathing flick is a Smith and Wesson (S&W) Model 19.

In the book it’s a Colt Python snub nose.

Here are the two debug errors which show up when running the binary.

Huh… Wonder what caused that. Works fine on my end.

Grifter, add into the first message that you need to press SPACEBAR to get the game to work. Yes, i figured it out, thanks to Slax.
EDIT: Here is some info on LSD if you need it: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20061009105151AAtNsI4 :slight_smile: