Shrubs (But mostly vehicle physics)

Hey guys check out this field of shrubs.

I wonder if they have berries.

Seriously though, how 'bout them vehicle collision physics?

What are the plans for vehicle collision physics, aside from addressing the shrubs?

Things are more wonky than just the shrubs.

My personal favorite: When underground, strap enough power onto a frame with a ram and it can work as a giant drill. Hammerhead is shredded but stays together, yet what takes damage is the armored gas tank at the back of the vehicle. Why.

Also hilarious: a ring of steel frames as one vehicle. Inside a smaller vehicle that “pushes” it along. Awkward physics ensue.

I realize this isn’t terribly high priority at the moment, but I’m just curious what future plans are.

The graphics are not really that realistic, but what game is that?

But for real, i’d love to go hiking there.

hahaha, that does sound cool.

The urge to test this is irresistible

Mustt do !!SCIENCE!! wit it

Current plans are to bugfix and improve the new system. What we definitely won’t be doing is going back to any sort of arbitrary system that doesn’t actually use real physics.

Well, can we not have underbrush stop a truck going at 15 mph?

That’s been basically fixed. We eventually hope to have a bit wider variety of obstacles which will have different mass/behavior when you slam into them, but right now we only really have 4 (other cars, animals, walls, and bushes/fences).