Nerfed vehicles - Armored vehicles get hit by shrubs

I am very enjoyed weak vehicles - it is good that you cant drive through buildings and ram trees and etc.
And thanksfull to coders for that.
BUT! We all want realism, dont we? So why can i crash my armored car or apc by shrubs and zombies?
This is about density. If the object has much higher density than the thing it rams - it wont crash even in 100 times.

And also it would be good when i drive my vehicle into another vehicle on low speed it should PUSH it, not to RAM.

About APC - everybody knows that it can ram concrete blocks on speed without gettind damage.

Tip of the iceberg on wonky vehicles :stuck_out_tongue: It’s one of many long-running vehicle related bugs.

Maybe it can be solved by making hard parts with 10 times more hit points?

The health balance on vehicles is fine, it’s the physics and damage system that’s wonky. You can regularly lose collisions with lighter vehicles, vehicles launch in the opposite direction you’d expect them to, and other wonderful things. The info is scattered about other topics in the forums but the short version of it is don’t off-road or ram other vehicles in anything (Even a 60 ton monstrosity) you plan on keeping.