Vehicle Collisions

I’ve noticed now while driving through towns that some of the physics for vehicle collisions seems a bit off. Bumping a bike at 32kph in a car sent it flying (through a pack of z’s, which was awesome, I have to admit), which then pinballed down the street. After bumping into a car with my semi, I was inserted sideways into a nearby building at very high speed, I was only going about 48kph to start with.

It seems the physics matches up in some ways for the whole mass/velocity thing, but doesn’t take friction into account much?

yarp, collisions are a ‘bit’ buggy. It’s probably already being worked on know in the Git, shouldn’t take long to be resolved, just be careful ^.^

Just tested the new version (14th of may)…collided my flatbed truck into a car chassis.

My speed now reads as…12168493kph.

I hit the brakes a few times, and eventually shot the other car off like a rocket, I’m now sliding down the street at the pitiful speed of 7685kph…before ramming into a wall and dying, funnily enough.

Yeah right now vehicle collisions are on the list of things to fix. Sadly we’re still in the “try to figure out what the heck this old code is doing” phase for it, so if you understand C++ and want to take a look at that code feel free to help. :slight_smile:

And even if you don’t know C++ and still want to help you can always just report various bugs (as many of you are) or you can always learn and come help us. IT’s really not that hard to learn how to program, and there are plenty of wonderful sites out there that can help (I suggest you look at Learn C the Hard Way, it covers the basics rather nicely and several of my friends have highly recommended it).

This is the 3rd character in a row I’ve lost to my vehicle bugging out and flying through a house. It’s very frustrating. So…

Is there a way to mod vehicles out of the street? Is there a way to do it without compiling my own version (which I can’t do)? If I can’t mod them out, can you pack a version for me?

really? i just drive slow (10mph or so) and ‘push’ most of the vehicles out of the way. It’s pretty effective with a gas station nearby and a few workable cars to use as bulldozers. if these aren’t options, go around?

Yeah… I do that too… Hides grenade launcher behind back