Show your bases

The title says all.
Come on , post your bases!

Do mobile bases count?

Yes , they count.
That’s very armored O_O
Even though it’s small…

Cobbled up from three screenshots for the purpose of showing all the rooms at once.

Properly dug out from solid rock.
The lockers contain weapons, armors, mods and power armor (a full set of each and an RM13 with a heap of plutonium cells).
The table near the bookcase is full of unused maps.
The farm is illuminated by atomic lamps, least I could do for it underground. Seeds and fertilizer close by.
The “vehicle” power grid contains a minireactor and lots of storage batteries, forge, foodco, minifridge, floodlight. Iced methacola, anyone?
Raw materials and various craft components fill the workroom. A water well is nearby.
That standing metal tank contains a few jerrycans worth of protein shake.
Kegs are for coffee, single-malt whiskey and homemade beer.
North part has the mining equipment, huge pile of rocks and processed limestone on a movable cargo rack.
Yes, those m’s are road-roller drums. Took some creativity to get them down to the base, for my ram-drill. The drill even worked, but proved to be impractical.

Buffs + heavy lifting or more creative? I mean the z-level move, the x and y coordinates are easy.

Yeah, adrenaline injector + beer + hydraulic muscles.
What’s funny is even one str less and I couldn’t lift them.
Was going to go search for a carry-weight increasing artifact before I remembered that alcohol increased strength.

Buffs + heavy lifting or more creative?
Can't resist:


Lol. Pretty sure pink tablets are one of the few things my pile of stuff doesn’t have.

I hereby present my latest base project. It has been build over 3 in-game seasons (a RL month)

Starting with the overmap:

The base is in the rough center where you see the GFFFFB grid. There is a tunnel network underground with two exits inside the grid and another three outside, marked with E. Metal doors block the underground routes to enemies

Outside views from North and South:


and South

As you see there are four layers of defenses. Outside traps (can’t find enough electric motors for bladetraps in the South. Then pits adjacent to a metal fence. Then a stonewall (in the North&West there are palisade gates to allow vehicles to enter). The stonewall limits vision while the traps and fence should do enough noise for me to react if something gets close.

Outside view from the West, East and backyard:


And East + backyard

In the West i use the same defensive grid like in the North.
In the East i ommited blade traps, as i have the river limiting access.
You can also see the farm and the outside tool and crafting shed in the corner, as well as the mobile base and the new vehicle project

The garage and mob. base:

Not much to say here

The inner house:

Here i have all my stuff neatly arranged. In the North part there is a ‘vehicle’ with solars and Kitchen, Foodco, Fridge, Chemisty lab rigs. Northwest all my chems and food. Northeast water tanks, fermenting tanks and my beer barrel. In the center the table with my fish, and the fireplace, sofas, armchairs. In the southwest the bed and bookcase, medical, guns and clothing storage. In the southeast the inner crafting station and electronics, metal, tools and construction material storage


I have a secondary sleeping and backup storage area, with floodlight and kitchen to boot. The Northern corridor leads to a DF style of rooms and metal doors, but i haven’t moved my furniture into them since i don’t really need the space. From here if the need be i can escape into one of the 5 different exits

Now, i would really want to be able to debug 5 hordes outside and see what would happen, but its not possible to my knowledge. My experiment with 5 Jabberwocks/Hulks only destroyed a couple of fence tiles.
Instead, i shall try to break the speed record before i quit that save.

All your bases are awesome.
I won’t show mine because basically its just a evac shelter with boarded windows and stuff.
I mean , it was.
(i no longer play cata…)

Murphy, does that underground farm work?

Yes, it’s functional.
I don’t think plants even actually need light, the lamps are there just for show.

God we need cables in this game. Give me the ability to make a proper power grid out of gasoline motors and I will rebuild civilization.

…or at least get somebody’s old fridge running. And, y’know, stove. And washing machine…

[quote=“Wally-kun, post:13, topic:8948”]God we need cables in this game. Give me the ability to make a proper power grid out of gasoline motors and I will rebuild civilization.

…or at least get somebody’s old fridge running. And, y’know, stove. And washing machine…[/quote]

Already exist, though they’re lossy. Jumper cables and longer, heavy-duty ones courtesy of Narc.