Let's see your mobile bases


As the title says.
Here’s mine. Might expand the back and add some new modifications, but it works at the moment. Just a bulkier APC turned into a cargo vehicle.


The Langsdorf Special. I always end up making a variant of this, because I really, really like the design. This one is close to it’s peak form, though I still need to add some more door motors, a mini-reactor, a large electric motor, and a tank gun.

The specifics of the design, and some of the design decisions, are discussed here: https://www.reddit.com/r/cataclysmdda/comments/9dhu5i/show_off_your_sweet_ride/e5hr99g. It’s evolved over time, but I really like the inboard mirrors and rear windows trick - you can see the visibility from the driver’s seat, and that’s without cameras.


Yeah, on-board mirrors are nice. I dunno, I just like my cameras even if they are worse lol hell, I still have the 4 200L tanks on the back of my ride. Plus an extra 100L. >_> maybe I’ll just go 6 200L tanks.


My experience with external tanks is that they increase the chances I’ll hit a building while maneuvering, and I hate doing that. So now I take them off as soon as I can.



I converted all my tools into ups+.

When I find a professional welding torch, I will remove the vehicle welding torch.

Armored X 3

Solar array, fridge, solar array

(mass container under, wheel, mass container under)

Container, charger, container

Container X2, vehicle mounted welding torch

Container X3


interesting. I just thought about making such a thread.

I use a Hummve as base vehicle as it has heavy duty frames and armor as I like it up front.

I made it longer step by step. The back wheels are where the cursor is, in the middle. Which is funny. Like this the back should throw sparks on every acceleration. The backwheels where installed, when the vehicle was below 8 tons. At 9 tons I could not change the wheel positions with the 8 ton rated bottle jack. I was to lazy to remove enough stuff to be able to change wheel positions and kept going.

I have the feeling the chemical set can do anything the kitchen does, so the kitchen could be removed for extra storage space.

I use trunk floors instead of aisles. In case you drop something by accident (like pressing “d” instead of “D”), it is not lost but in the trunk. Also a full trunk gives a yellow log message, so you notice that something is going on and the risk of loosing something of value is minimized. Cargo spaces would also work for walking space but I dont like the 400 movement cost. In case zombies nock at a door you want to get out or get going fast.

I had solar in a 3x4 config on the roof but they get damaged when you drive like 45° and zombies try to become a passenger. Now solar is mostly in the middle.

The cargo and fluid storage in the back frequently snaps off in tight spaces, even when only driving forward. I lost stuff in the back two times while travelling from the starting shelter to the refugee center. That was annoying.

I have the bed between fridge and kitchen as eating/drinking is done often before and after sleeping.

I like the 50 cal for a turret as it has semi auto fire.

(Not in the pictures) I installed headlights in the rear sides of the vehicle and pointed them to the side to see more at night. So i have a lighted area of four headlights. Theese headlights are in the same row, where the last internal cargo spaces are.


I tend to be unable to minimize like the rest of these folk. I tend to stick to a tube of death for my main mobile facility. I have a foldable battery-solar buggy that i use to actually go anywhere, this i use as a slow rolling fortress between major towns.

I generally try very hard to stick to the Ma Deuce in each of the 4 corners, its just such a phenomenal weapon that i cant help myself. I use glass and armor in most locations and camera systems just for redundancy. The front is empty on purpose as a sort of crumple zone in case i get really stupid and piledrive through a house.



This is it after a recent encounter with a paralyzing Jabberwock and Triffid Queen. Lucklily only the outer walls were damaged. Fairly unremarkable I guess, but it has all the essentials for easy life in the apocalypse. Welding rig is there for obvious reasons, chemistry set cause it’s easier to heat up food in permawinter with it. A regular aisle where the character is standing for easy drop& deconstruct. Forge and food dehydrator work on car battery mod since they’re not used that often. No turrets since I fight with tooth and claw only. And by running stuff over with the roller drums, but that’s kind of close and personal too.

I suppose that the most interesting thing about it is that the bed to the right has an additional set of controls so I can hide inside (well, I could, up until a few minutes ago) and drive by watching through cameras (and as of late a full clairvoyance artifact that only has minor negatives), and remain unnoticed by zombies. Also a V12 and an enhanced electric engine, and I swap to the electric one when I want to drive through town unseen.

I only wish I could make it a bit shorter and have it remain comfy, since right now it handles somewhat wonkily, but it’s tolerable.


I generally start from an APC if I can find one in decent shape, I may extend it one square further back for a bit more space to work with in some cases, but the heavy frames and composite armor make a great start.

I may or may not swap the diesel engines for electric depending on my whims that game - but the top pretty much gets fully solar paneled regardless to power tools.

No internal doors - the drivers compartment is separated from the rest by aisle curtains as they are far more convenient and don’t compete for storage space.

I look very hard for a UPS recharging station as fast as I can find one, because I hate installing all the tool stations otherwise. Pretty much the only block objects I permanently install are a minifridge, a bed, and a vehicle welder opposite the driver’s door - everything else is storage and controls.

Floor trunks for the main aisle, cargo containers for the rest - the bed is set up as a sort of control center in the middle where I can craft, read, eat & sleep isolated from the prying eyes of the outside world.

I still need to put a ram plate on this one. Armament consists of a single M249 - I don’t use it or other guns very much, as I am a ninja build that fights mostly with naginatas, rapiers, and bows, so it’s just there for emergencies.


Kinda funny to see a big rig style mobile base. I would have thought people get a little more realistic and trick out a station wagon style.

I do the armored station wagon style with tools in the rear 2 trunk tiles. Pop it open and you can have everything in one spot. Craft all the vehicle tool benches and use those as the side walls. Place all the commonly used tools for vehicle repair and dismantlement with the welder/soldering bench etc. Kitchen = food. The adjacent trunk tiles for the resources for each.

That way you just hop in the trunk and building literally everything you need as your skills progress. While parking near a vehicle and stripping it down without holding everything.