Shouldn't "makeshift shotgun beanbags" have spread?

They are essentially rock salt rounds.
Also, how come some of the ammo with spread still doesn’t have zero dispersion?

beanbag. the shot is contained within a bag so that it does NOT spread. Beanbag rounds are generally used to cause massive stunning/bruising of targets that police or any other organized force (including criminal) use to disable a hostile and potentially armed target without killing or doing TOO much damage (bruises and cracked ribs aside which help keep the target from fighting much)

One, what do you mean “spread”? There’s no “spread” attribute in the game.
Two, it’s totally possible for an ammo to be so inaccurate that even if the shot from it spreads out, it would still miss due to being bunched up on one side or the other, though generally I’d expect that level of badness to happen with muzzleloaded shot or some kind of improvised shot round.

By spread I mean the “shot” flag.
I guess I was mistaken about how those rounds work. Always thought it was the chemical burns from salt and not the mechanical damage.

The only similarity between beanbag rounds and rock salt rounds is that they’re both intended to be nonlethal. The beanbag by spreading out the impact from the shot to prevent penetration, and the rock salt by (I think) the crystals shattering on impact, also preventing significant penetration. Also rock salt is waaay less dense than lead or steel, which probably has a lot to do with it.

also that even if rock salt penetrates it just dissolves “harmlessly” in the body though causing massive stinging from being salt in an open wound. Literally.

and makeshift beanbags do not use rags? maybe that salt is contained in bags out of rags

So maybe all beanbags should have the tag after all? The one that lets you hit those hardtoshoot enemies without penalty?

but if its a single shot (like slug) then it would be as likely to miss as any other round fired. Just because it came from a shotgun doesn’t mean its scattershot. Beanbag rounds are a single beanbag filled with stuff. While on the other hand rocksalt rounds are merely a lot of salt packed in the end of a round and then closed in. Once even before they leave the barrel all the rocksalt breaks up and goes everywhere like any stereotypical shotgun shot.

Other makeshift shotgun rounds also have very low values of dispersion - below 15. Looks like they didn’t get the dispersion boost.

That said, they also suck. They need more than just a change to dispersion and recoil.

I wouldn’t mind baton rounds to be honest. The big dense ‘skipping’ kind that aren’t entirely less than lethal.