Rock_glock v1.0 Released

Fred Flintstone be packin’ heat

That’s right, it’s finally here. No longer will your wilderness character be stuck using weak bows and slings, and can instead use a gun just like they did back in the Neolithic era. Adding a new gun, four magazines for said gun, and eight ammo types for said magazines, your hunting trips will never be the same again. Craftable entirely using primitive tools and materials, in addition to requiring survival and fabrication skills that are easily achievable in the wilderness, this will make a great weapon for new and experienced characters alike.

Short on sulfur for blackpowder? No problem! Crude blackpowder can be made without sulfur, but be warned that it is only usable for crafting crude rock rounds due to its different properties from normal blackpowder.

The Rock Glock comes with four firing modes: Semi-auto, 3-round burst, 5-round full-auto, and ꖎ╎ᒲ╎ℸ ̣ ꖎᒷᓭᓭ-round fuller-auto.

There are four magazines compatible with the Rock Glock: A 15-round magazine, a 21-round extended magazine, a 60-round drum magazine, and a 120-round dual-drum magazine.

There are eight types of ammunition available for the Rock Glock: Clay pellet rounds, pebble rounds, marble rounds, bearing rounds, and crude variants of the previously mentioned four ammo types.

So what are you waiting for? Get your very own Rock Glock here today!


Sold! Take my money!

Edit: I am sad now… However, there is a non-zero chance this was caused by a mod interaction. Also, you post doesn’t specify what version this is intended for Stable or Experimental, if the latter, what is the latest build you’ve tested with? I was able to skip through the errors and continue loading, though it spat an error about bolts being to long that concerns me. I will see if I can actually make this thing. I am using Experimental from August 1

 DEBUG    : (json-error)
Json error: storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.cleverraven.cataclysmdda.experimental/files/mods/rock_glock-main/recipes.json:14:14: Invalid or misplaced field name "autolearn" in JSON data

    "batch_time_factors": [ 50, 3 ],
	"tools": [ [ [ "fire", -1 ] ] ],
	"proficiencies": [
      { "proficiency": "prof_handloading", "fail_multiplier": 0.75 },

 FUNCTION : void JsonObject::report_unvisited() const
 FILE     : /home/runner/work/Cataclysm-DDA/Cataclysm-DDA/android/app/jni/src/../../../../src/json.cpp
 LINE     : 123
 VERSION  : a96f069

Edit2: I am unable to learn the recipes or create the items without debugging them in. I attempted a new character and the recipes didn’t show up as I increased skill levels. I’m going to leave it installed and spawn some in to arm my NPCs. I feel a great deal of blue on blue incidents are about to happen…

Well, I’ve tested it on that version you’ve shown, and had no such error. It’s not a JSON error either, so it’s probably due to something wrong with the Android version that you appear to be using. There’s nothing I can do to fix that I’m afraid, so you’ll just have to hope that it gets updated again and fixed in the process. (Also to answer your question, it’s intended for the experimental branch, PC specifically. I don’t test anything on the Android builds due to how infrequently it gets updated.)

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I’m using an Experimental build from a week ago, I suppose you probably only know about the terribly out of date version available from the store. The devs now build Android builds alongside all the rest and they are available on the GitHub. I’ll figure out what the problem is and get back to you.

Edit: oh good, an easy fix. The base game uses "autolearn”: true rather than “autolearn”:“true”. Removing the quotes from true fixed the errors. Incidentally, you had quotes on all but the casing tinder recipe, which was the only thing that shows up in crafting menu before I removed the quotes. I personally don’t believe there are ANY differences between Android and pc versions as far as mods go. I have yet to see anything that makes me think otherwise.

That’s bizarre, because I just checked the code and there aren’t any quotes around autolearn. Try downloading it again I guess? Make sure to just directly download the master branch rather than the release, as it’ll always have the latest bugfixes.

I’m not entirely certain which area I downloaded from, I’ll be sure to look for the master in the future…I got caught up sorting loot for a move n totally forgot about the rock guns.

Dude… Sorry for the double post, but maybe you should check GitHub? The link you gave in OP where I downloaded the code? It’s got quotes around true. Maybe you fixed your local copy and forgot to merge to GitHub master copy? I don’t see any changes more recent than a week. It’s an easy enough mistake to make, I know I’ve made it several times before.

My brain is smooth sometimes, I swear. Should be all fixed now, sorry for the confusion.

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