Dynamite doesn't kill migo in blast radius

I was out in field without my bike when suddenly a migo came out of the corner of the map. However when I threw it and the thing exploded, the migo was barely scratched and only had taken two notches to its health bare and was still in the green. On my unarmored bits I took half my limb damage at a 9 strength charecter.
Is dynamite weaker than a grenade? I would’ve thought that considering the large blast radius and the fact its used to destroy solid rock, it should easily pulp an unarmored target (since while they might have alot of health, they’re still fleshy). It was only 3 or 5 diagonal sqaures away so it should have at least spooked the thing instead of having no effect

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Did you just throw dynamite or a dynamite bomb at it? Most of the damage usually comes from the scrapnal that comes from an explosive device and just dynamite on its own doesn’t have scrapnal. Scrapnal is also kind of hit or miss. I have had cases where scrapnel would severely damage/kill many zombies in a horde but leave some unscathed and another case where I thruw a pipe bomb at a fungal tower dealing something like 500+ damage from scrapnal while one of my limbs broke form being hit by one piece of scrapnal.

an actual stick of dynamite, not just a dynamite bomb

It is the scrapnal that deals most of the damage. So your better off making something like a pipe bomb or improvised grenade next time.

Its worth keeping in mind that what an explosive is surrounded by seriously impacts its properties. Dynamites usually in a relatively thin paper or plastic sleeve, that won’t contain the pressure. Drill a hole and shove it down into rock, and the force has nowhere to really go except the rock, leading to very destructive results. Toss that same dynamite just casually atop the rock, and it’ll do almost nothing.

And as Spicy has mentioned, Shrapnel is the main killer with thrown explosives. The actual amount of explosives in a stick of dynamite or a hand grenade isn’t going to get that “massive internal trauma” pressure wave effect from any reasonable distance, and the ‘Lethal’ range for proper hand grenades is still only considered 5 or so meters - And thats from the shrapnel being thrown, not the explosive itself.

I do agree it should have spooked it, but I don’t think the monster AI is smart enough to think “Fuck that dudes throwing bombs, I should skedaddle”


If we talk about real world explosives - a shockwave from a blast is very deadly, it kills by pulverizing lungs and other organs. The body can be visibly intact, but ripped inside.
If shokwave is powerful enough it will tear off limbs.
If we talk about grenades - they contain a relatively small explosive charge in ribbed metal jacket, so shokwave is really small, but shrapnel can fly 15-30m and more. Also, it is kind of lottery with higher chances of “winning” some shrapnel near explosion, but even near a blast your target can stay intact.
Dynamite is a brisant explosive, one charge in game weights a whopping 1.13 kg, and that is a huge charge. The mi go should have died, limbs flying, if the charge exploded near it, but could end up with ringing ears if the charge exploded far enough.

So, I think the game calculates explosions wrong.


I think that explosives need a rework anyhow. I remember shooting a rocket at a skeletal jugernaut. The initial impect didn’t kill it and the explosion didn’t even damage it.

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yeah that’s basically what I was thinking, the concept that people can be “pushed” away from explosions is a hollywood myth. If you’re close enough for it to exert any force on your body, you’re pretty much pulped from the inside, like a bag of shaken chips. Intact on the outside but a complete mess on the inside.
At the very least the migo should’ve suffered massive morale damage (since unlike zombies they still can be made to flee) from the loud noise.