Should Thirst Affect Speed Less and Focus More?

I feel like Thirst in real life doesnt affect your speed as much as it does in game, but it does affect your sense of focus(which I believe It currently does not in game).

Proposition: Have thirst speed penalties decreased while creating some sort of mechanic where increases in thirst reduce focus. I do believe thirst should have some effect on speed but not to the current degree.

Forgive me if this has already been spoken about in length, and sorry for not offering to change this myself in json. I have not summed up the courage yet to learn, but will someday. Just wanted to see if anyone else would be interested in a change like this/if it makes sense moving forward. Love this game, thank you for all of your work.

tl:dr Thirst should affect speed less, and focus more.

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I believe things like that are on the main code (c++) not on a json.

And while i think that i get why people would like this (since irl you supposedly die around 4 days without water with no relation to your movement or stuff), i feel that there is no point currently since low focus doesnt affect that much in a negative way, AFAIK focus only affects learning speed (and casting if you have the magiclysm mod installed). i feel like it would be like taking one of those negative traits that doest affect you in anyway at all for the free extra point in the char gen screen