Focus's affect on training

Been messing around with a few builds in .71. Anyone notice that focus doesn’t seem to affect training as much as in the previous version? it is more based on the level of the skill and what you do than with focus. It seems to help a little, but its not all that big of a deal. in the past the XP pool was everything. So this implies that traits like gourmand, and good mood (forget what is. one that gives a small bonus to focus) dont do much.

anyone play with different intelligence levels and with and without fast learning? In the past the intelligence attributes used to say how much it affected training. Its not listed. With an 8 intelligence (up to 12 now due to mutations), my learning speed does not appear any lower than in previous versions.

Having a high focus seems to give more points towards the next level when you practice or use a skill. Reading gives you skill faster while your focus is high and gives skill less often while your focus is low, forcing you to read for longer.

Usually though, many recipies, especially at higher levels, require anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours or more if your talking about mechanics or construction and by the time you finish, both your good mood, and your focus have worn off. At least, food related bonuses wear off quickly, even if you stack them twice.

However, gourmand is good for other reasons, as it allows you to boost your mood higher with just food incase you really need to craft or something while your mood is terrible.

But the focus boost in the begging is invaluable if you need to train certain skills to moderate levels quickly. Things like dodge and cutting weapons for instance.