Should there be a seperate sub-category in library strictly for posting "finished" mods

I’ve noticed that the lab can feel kind of clogged to me with what seems more like questions or just resources like sprites or incomplete code, than actual “completed” products which can make searching for actual content a bit of a hassle since titles don’t always tell exactly what a thread might contain.

  • yes
  • no

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As thisgame is never really finished. The mods that are used with it will eventually all break and as such are never really finished either. Abandoned seems legit though.

I sorta think ‘finished’ mods are pretty rare, if they exist at all. Most mods need to be updated or they stop working. If someone said ‘hey this is finished’ and never touched it again (Insert plug for my caches mod) it’s just a matter of time until it’s broken.

So, really, the only working mods are those that are being perpetually updated – and therefore not finished.

well yes, I’m using the term “finished” pretty loosely here. But what I mean I guess is mods that were functional at the time of use

Open the main menu, then click on tags
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Then click on mod
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