New Forum Category? -Mod Releases

So, long story short I just realized (again?) that there doesn’t seem to be a section just for Mods.

The Lab is where they generally go (or sometimes The Drawing Board?), requests for help building the mods and ideas for mods are especially heavily mixed in making it fairly cluttered and difficult to find the ACTUAL mods in. This is almost a non issue since the launcher exists, but it would be nice to see all the mods together for browsing purposes.

Might even make it easier to keep track of them?

Perhaps sub-section would be a more appropriate way to do it.

…I can’t use the launcher on this system right now. So this suddenly became a bigger issue to me.


Oh yeah, a category for “Mod Releases” would be nice.

Thats a much better name for the section than Mod pages, wasn’t actually thinking about the name before… but that is much more clear.

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