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I don’t have the option to remove this post, after some thoughts and hearing other users I have decided to withdraw my discussion from the chat. I have not removed the original post so that others may comment if they feel. I will look back at all responses but will not be making my current work public. Unless significant arguments can be made or a random mass of community support. I do not wish to associate this project with any potential heinous lewd work and do not want that kind of attention to this project.

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Hi everyone! This is my first post and it was because I wanted to judge interest in a potential mod. I am a hobbyist coder trying to learn C++ while I create game art for a project. I have started to love Cataclysm and all the potential that it has, and I have loved learning about the coding. Anyways I am dragging on, my question is, I am attempt to create a basic Pregnancy and Menstrual Cycle mod/framework, I don’t current plan on creating any form of sexual content though I will attempt to make it as user friendly/compatible as I can and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in this and or helping on this project.

If people are, I will be happy to make all my work available on github (Dont expect master quality :stuck_out_tongue: I am hoping that I can learn from others and help create something) ([Does this make me sound desperate xD])

I expect some push back to this because of the nature of the mod and the president it may set, so I wanted to ask the community what they thought. If people desperately want to know why I am working on this I can go into further detail (I can say my interest in this is not for a sexual / self-pleasure reason, all-though I understand that if I pursue this it will probably be used in that manner). At the moment I don’t see myself attempting to try to eventually have this merge with the main-branch for a number of reasons unless it has a positive response and turns out well.

As I mentioned I am a hobbyist programmer, so if this gets a large enough community I will probably start attempting to create tilesets that support a pregnancy system. (I am good at art and meh at programming :P)

If you are interested or have any comments, I would love to hear your feedback.

I forgot to say, if people are too uncomfortable with this, let me know and I will withdraw all mention of this mod from the forums and keep everything to myself

– Emma (Ironnhawk)


Visit the discord. Search for pregnancy and related keywords. It gets heated debate on an irregular basis.

This too:

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See also on reddit:

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If you had a lot of paper, and if you wrote one word on each, then stacked them on top of each other, and kept going until the stack reached the moon, and the word was “nope”, then there still wouldn’t be enough nope to adequately articulate the amount of nope I feel towards this.

But hey, thats just like, my opinion, man.

At the end of the day, people can do what they like with their own mods I spose!

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I should have added my opinion to some of the previous post, but to me most of those post devolved into an argument about sex in the game. I really have no intention to add sex or “lewd” scenes. This was simply a RP project that I could handle based on how modding support is done in the project. I guess after saying that out loud, I should keep it more as a personal project.

Thats a fair opinion, i dont want to make anyone comfortable, after seeing some of the post and discussions. I will probably keep this to myself for the time being.

That’s probably a good idea. This kinda thing isn’t for a lot of people, and some of the people who would use it would likely do some incredibly detestable things. Develop it how you wish, but know that making it public has a decent chance of causing problems of some sort.

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Bah, forget people’s personal opinions. tbh this is something that should be added. CDDA has and will probably always be (on main branch) realistic to a point. Is it weird? Yeah. Are less ethical people in the fanbase going to get unethical joy out of this? Yeah. But that’s them. And we don’t talk to them.

If you ask me this should be added in and also be main branch. The only issue is that NPCs aren’t sophisticated enough to make use of it so it will be yet another mechanic that only the player can use. Unless you divert a large amount of time coding NPCs to be able to rear children and manage menstrual cycles which sounds like a painful amount of work.

Do what you feel like. If they don’t like it, they can not download it. Its a mod. Its optional.

if you really want to implement it for realisms sake than just make it so that only NPC’s within your faction can get children and make it unavailable to the player thus side stepping all of the PR and other concerns while still having it there for realisms sake.

I just wanted to say that if you want to make it, go ahead. Dont feel pressured into not doing things that you want by others. You are not hurting anyone, and if anyone uses your stuff for evil, there is nothing else to do. Just remember that there are people who will enjoy your work. Doing something for fun, is what matters.

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