Should some one add more World war Z references?

Well, recently I’ve read world war Z and then discovered that the lobotomizer is actually in CDDA and I had a brilliant idea “why we don’t add more references because YES!”

We have several references to POP culture or other media even memes (yes I’ve recently discovered the Shia lebouf shit)

Well I was thinking about and why someone don’t add stuff like 5.56x45 NATO Cherry PIE(pyrotechnicaly initiated explosive) basically a round that when guys things burns the inside (Similar to incendiary armor piercing round,they are made to hit unarmored stuff tho) or the SIR

A semiautomatic 5.56x45 NATO modular rifle that is an hybrid of an XM8 rifle and .223 Kalashnikov’s with little to no polymer parts made to be cheap easy to produce precise and simple

The other and last crappy idea that striped from a book that I liked because YES!

The battle American battle uniform

Basically an a blue colored BDU camo SWAT style jumpsuit lined with Kevlar or an top secret fabric,it cover all your body and have a hood with protection on the neck or even face it is ligth and high quality (basically it could just work as an low encumbering low height,rare uncraftble version of an complete set of light survivor gear)

Well that’s all bye ma bois.

When I get my computer I will try to make this stuff myself,butt better give some ideas for the people that aren’t lazzy and dumb.

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Although I recognize that it’s rare to find a good zombie apocalypse novel or film, I want to voice that World War Z is not good. The book was okay, and the film was passable at best.

They were only published/filmed because Max Brooks’ daddy was famous.

Nepotism complaints aside, people probably won’t hate more references in game. I’d just rather they be, like, George Romero references. Or some obscure stuff like Stubbs the Zombie or Zombies Ate My Neighbors.


I actually need to agree with you,the movie is trash and the novel I average,if compared with more recent media about zombies it is actually great,compared to Romero levels of stuff it is average tho,still some references do Dawn of the dead or even Shawn of the dead would be great,even 28 days later kind of stuff would be cool

No. In fact, hell no. The game is fine the way it is with minimal references save for monsters.

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Jesus Christ how did I not know he was Mel Brooks’s kid until now. On a related note, the description for the Zombie Survival Guide in-game cracked me up, first time I read it. I used to love that book.

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What’s wrong with some mild references?

Like, for Zombies Ate My Neighbors, or whatever that SNES game was called. It would just be, like, a kid zombie with 3d glasses and a squirt gun/some silverware/soda cans or something. Most people wouldn’t get the reference and it would just be an odd corpse. For people who know the game, they’d probably get a giggle. I don’t think it hurts anything.

I just realized you said ‘aside from monsters’, so my point is a bit eroded. Still, though, I don’t think a random reference in a survivor note or newspaper or whatever would hurt the game, especially when most people wouldn’t get the reference and would just assume it’s a story from the apocalypse.


Why do you say that? I thought the book was pretty good, then again I do agree with you on the, ah, novel thing. Bit many out there now-a-days

I thought the movie took off to much from the book, though, so totes agree on that note

Sporadic references are fine, but they need to mesh with the game. Things like set piece scenes or callouts are fine, new items need more scrutiny, especially if they’re distinctively better than existing items.

Frankly everything mentioned in the OP sounds like it’s 50/50 reference and power creep, which is a hard no.

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So about references there’s this interview of the dev of Dungeonman, and at 17:25 he talks about references.
“References shall be unnoticeable if not recognized” that sounds like a very good guide line and what cdda has been doing so far.

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Remember that I’m only trying to give people ideas and I stated that they are actually stupid in the post itself, the idea for the PIE rounds is actually the only one that I’ve seen as actually good.
My idea to apply it in CDDA was to be an round made to go against soft targets and inflict a medium burning damage or explode in the target making unstable for reanimation/re-reanimation it would basically be an EXTREMELY less potent explosive/flaming arrow as it is a hollow point projectile with a small explosive device on on the hollow itself it is supposed to be ineffective against armored targets(HULK,BEAGLE UGV or other’s)the explosion damage could probably be 1 or even 2 with shrapnel (or more if that isn’t enough to make a corpse damaged enough to be unsuitable for blob reanimation) probably uncraftble

Well atleast im trying to help :v