I just thought about the keys F1 - F12.

In other rpgs you can put special items on this keys and you need no longer enter the inventory to choice the letter.


F1 = Bashing weapon
F2 = Handgun
F3 = Shotgun


In my current game I often switch between Alu Bat, Katana, Pistol and Rifle. (I don’t know if it’s already planned.)

I press wield (w), and w/e letter I assign weapons. Usually t and w and s for a throwing an item, melee, and shooting respectively.

Imo, it would be a hassle to reach out and press the F-keys, but it might be nice.

Well how about instead we somehow enable combinations of keys xD. like f1 now is w—>a(your trusty baseballbat) f2 w---->b(your rediculessly powerfull ranged weapon @) and lots of other combinations for ones imagination… well all that is just an addition for the lazy folks :P.
Its already pretty easy to quickly select things from your inventory though. Id do as cherry suggested simple and quick as well.

Perhaps the F1 to F12 could also be used for the actaive abilities, that are hopefully soon to come?
Wielding weapons is not very complicated, if you always assign them the same key.

My knife is always “k” and my sewing kit is always “s”, my lighter always “x”.

Once you start assigning items to letters you remember by heart, it become muscle memory.


How about a pre-set inventory hotkey based on item name when picked up? Say you create a rule that when you have a specific item in your inventory it is automatically given a specific hotkey? Could even go a bit further with an auto-set option. Used up the lighter set to the l key? No worries, another is already given the hotkey again.

EDIT:: For some reason I think of the autopickup rules feature when I think about this…