Items changing keys

from time to time, the items in inventory change the former assigned key. I couldn’t yet figure what makes this happen, but it’s very annoying (as you can well imagine) having to eat a vitamin instead of reloading a gun for example :P.
Game version is 0.7.1-805-g4a4fd02

Yep. Try assigning your pocket knife to a letter, cut something up, and then look at inventory again. For me, the rags I create have the same letter as the knife. When I try to select one, I select both. I have to drop them both and pick them up again. I haven’t checked if this is only when my inventory is full, but it is annoying.

Adding thread to an empty sewing kit always changes its letter. Flashlights also tend to roam around: 1)assign a flashlight with 100 charges to f, 2) pick up another flashlight with 100 charges, use your flashlight and it will jump to another letter. This also happens if your flashlight becomes empty (all empty flashlights adopt the same letter). When you refill your flashlight it jumps to a different inventory letter.

I think this is fixed in the current dev version, but I’m not 100% on that.

Yeah, one of my pet hates is assigning all my gear, e.g Crowbar to K, hammer to H, nailbat to B, sewing kit to S…

and if I drop anything the letters get switched. argh.

I get this all the time when I’m boiling a load of water into bottles, I end up having to drop a bunch of stuff because the guy is trying to pour water into his shoes because it has the same letter as the bottles.